Chapter Twelve - Sweet Seventeen

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Chapter Twelve Sweet Seventeen

Give me the sound to see another world outside that’s full of all the broken things that I made. Just give me a life to bleed, another world outside that’s full of all the awful things that I made.

-Deadmau5, Gerard Way

The bass was thumping, the music was deafening and the amount of people in the club was claustrophobic. I recognized loads of people from school but there were also a lot of people I didn’t recognize. As soon as the three of us got to the club, our names were read off and we were permitted without a fee. There was a small line up behind a security guard who was charging people for tickets to get in and giving out the same green wristbands the rest of us received once granted entrance. I got smiles from a couple girls from my English class and the three of us received waves from other kids who sat at our lunch table. We greeted people with hugs and small talk and I noticed how some of the boys ogled me more than they would at school.

“Sam!”I heard a voice behind me and I turned around to find Rick standing there. He wore black dress pants, black shiny converse and a mint green dress shirt. Rick’s dark eyes scanned my form as a cheerful smile emerged on his lips. “Wow, you look great!”

I glanced at Christine who was waggling her eyebrows at me. She was being worst than Ashton during food and nutrition. I immediately took my eyes off the perky blonde and met Rick’s eyes once more. “Thanks, Rick, you look sharp.”I had to compliment him back.

“Thanks you.”He grabbed my hand, “You have to dance with me, though.”He yelled to be heard over the blaring music.

“Oh no, it’s okay.”I shook my head while laughing uncomfortably.

“I will not take no for an answer, Sam.”He decided and pulled me away. I gave Em and Chris desperate looks but they only laughed and waved me off. Some friends they were. I reluctantly followed Rick to the crowded dance floor and started to sway my hips to the beat and bob my head. Rick’s arms coiled around my waist and he pulled me close enough so that I could smell the fancy after-shave he didn’t usually use at school.

I gave him a weak grin as we moved to the song in sync. I had to look up in order to meet his eyes since he was quite a bit taller than me. I wondered when the song would end so that I could walk away; I didn’t plan on dancing with Rick for too long.

The song was nearing an end when Rick looked behind him. He stepped aside and I saw that Ashton had grabbed his attention. “Hey, man, let me dance with my inmate.”He winked.

Rick seemed disappointed but he didn’t say no. He winked at me before walking towards the girl I had thought was pretty the first day in Media Arts. Her name was Stephanie Miller and she was one of Meagan’s friends. “Hey, you,”Ash took his place where Rick had been moments ago. He let his arms rest on my hips easily like they always belonged there and he moved me with him as he danced. I could tell he was used to dancing with girls.

“Hey, Ash.”I smiled at him. He looked better than good in a navy blue button down and black jeans. Just like Rick, he sported black Converse on his feet. It was a fashion choice that I loved on men.

“Little Sammy has a rack, I wouldn’t have guessed.”Ashton’s eyes were on my chest. I put my finger under his chin and tilted his head back up so he met my eyes. I was comfortable enough around Ashton to do that.

“Eyes up here, big boy.”I teased.

“Who says I wanted to look at your eyes?”He questioned smugly. Then he gazed into my eyes and he appeared thoughtful, “You have beautiful eyes though, Sam.”He spoke into my ear, stepping real close so I could hear him. I felt his chest flush against mine and my heartbeat escaped me. I felt Ash’s hand touch a bare spot on my back and I couldn’t help but shiver. Even though it was hot out on the dance floor and I was already beginning to sweat.

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