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because it was so highly requested..

sequel to heartless. if you haven't read it, go do that first.

(could) include drugs, alcohol, mentions of neglect, prescription drugs, insomnia

freshmen in college.

"tiny dancer was our song," eddie whispered softly, his eyes aimed at the floor. "richie always liked queen more, but elton...i don't know. it always seemed special. like he was singing to us," his knee bounced anxiously at the mere thought of richie. he scratched at the sides of the chair, leaving small white traces. he itches for a cigarette, a habit he'd picked up once they split.
        "why tiny dancer?" mrs. kurt, eddies therapist, asked.
rather than answer the question, eddie snickered quietly. "you know, i always thought rich would be the one to end up in therapy." his voice was laced with unease. "i always knew there was something wrong with him."
          "eddie, please answer my question," mrs. kurt responded, jotting onto her clipboard with ease.
"elton is gay," eddie looked up at her, smiling. "and so were we."


tiny dancer - elton john

rocket man - elton john

bohemian rhapsody - queen

love of my life - queen

your song - elton john

every breath you take - the police

save me - queen

can't help falling in love - elvis presley

we are the champions - queen

i'm still standing - elton john

forever young - alphaville

how deep is your love - bees gees

love song - the cure

modern songs playlist

breezeblocks - alt-j

stuff is way - they might be giants

blood // water - grandson

high enough - k.flay

come along - cosmo sheldrake

birthday suit - cosmo sheldrake

saint bernard - lincoln

mr. brightside - the killers

lampshades on fire - modest mouse

devil town - cavetown

happy pill - grandson, moby rich

say it it ain't so - weezer

run boy run - woodkid

talk too much - COIN

fitzpleasure - alt-j

bloodflood - alt-j

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