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Hey there!

So I haven't consistently uploaded a story to Wattpad in what feels like ages. But I'm so excited to be able to get this one out to you guys on the platform that I've always loved. (And the platform that got Dear Sydney to 3 MILLION reads a few months ago...whaaaat??) I'm way excited about this book and hope you guys will be just as excited for it when you read it. Not to toot my own horn, but I told my parents about it when I was home for winter break, and they thought it sounded cool.

But the format is a little different! I wanted to challenge myself in this book to write longer chapters, since I always feel like my chapters are a little bit on the shorter side. But because of that, there's a lot of information in each on Wattpad, I decided to split the chapters into two parts for each chapter. So there will be a generally longer first part, and then a slightly shorter second part, uploaded on two different days, for each chapter. I hope that makes sense and I'm not just babbling.

So...yeah! That's my little introduction for Treadmill. Also, don't worry, the book is not about exercising. That would be pretty boring. You'll get the significance of the title, I promise.

The upload schedule will be two days a week--aiming for Monday/Thursday--and it should definitely be consistent, since I have about 40,000 words of this thing written already.

So feel free to vote, add this to your reading lists/libraries, and leave a comment, and the first chapter will be up on Monday!

OH! If you want a sneak peek at the first chapter, head over to my blog (external link to this chapter, or copy and paste: ) and look at the latest post to see the first page or so of the book. Other than that, I'll be back on Monday! (and I am so excited to be back on Wattpad, you guys have no idea.)

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