Chapter 5

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After class was dismissed. Aiden gathered his books and sprinted to the door; getting lost in the crowd of persons going to there next class.

I rolled my eyes then waited for everyone to leave the class then got up and went up to where Mr. Green was looking over some papers.

"Mr. Green I was wondering if I could switch partners with someone...."

"And why is that?" He asked  looking over his glasses with a questioning look.

"Well- he's not very......easy to talk to" I stated

"Ms. Hart, I assigned everyone with whoever there partner is for a reason; I won't let you switch partners with anyone, and you will complete your given assignments and experiments not by your self but with your assigned partner and that's final"

"But I-"

"Unless you want an F? He asked raising an eyebrow.

My eyes widened.

"No sir, I don't.. I'll try to make it work" I sighed.

"Thought so, you may leave now" he said going back to his papers.

I decided that I was done being nice to Aiden.
I don't know what his problem is but he shouldn't let it interfere with his grade because I sure as hell am not going to let it interfere with mine.

While walking to class I tried to spot him.. and I did.

He was leaning against a wall his head leaned back and eyes closed with earphones in his ears nodding to whatever crap he was listening to.. ( okay maybe it wasn't crap but I'm upset with him so cut me some slack).

I marched up to him.


No answer.


Still nodding his head to the music.

I decided to take a risk and tugged one of the earphones out of his ear.

His eyes snapped open and he gave me a murderous glare. If looks could kill, I would definitely be 6 feet under.

"What the hell?" He raged stepping closer to me.

Scratch that 10 feet under.

I glared back, deciding to put on a brave face meanwhile inside I was totally freaking out.

"I was speaking to you and you weren't hearing" I shrugged.

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe I didn't want to hear what you were saying?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

That bastard.  He heard what I was saying all along and acted like he didn't hear.

"I don't care what you want, what I care about is my grade; we're partners and whether you like it or not we're gonna have to work together at some point.
Tomorrow, in the library after school.. be there or I'm doing it without you. You can either stop being so rude and arrogant and be a good partner or do whatever you want and don't show up tomorrow.. But I will not, and I  repeat... I will not get an F because of you." I give him one last glare and headed in the direction of my class not waiting to see his reaction even though I was dying to see it.


After school, I dropped my books in my locker, grabbed my phone and headed out to my car.

I was just getting ready to drive out of the parking lot when I spotted Josh.

But the funny thing was who he was with.

He and Jasmine stood near his car talking in hushed voices, both having serious looks on their faces. Then she glared at him and started walking off.. he grabbed her arm and said something to her. Which made her nod her head then stride off in the opposite direction.

I stared on with a confused expression.

Jasmine and Josh never really talked to each other.. only hi and byes and a few smiles here and there. But I guess I was wrong. They looked awfully close back there.

I decided to not think too much of it. I'll just ask her tomorrow.

I thought and reversed out of the parking lot.

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