Notorious Christmas Criminal in custody

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Perhamount: Notorious criminal John Wenant, known to the nation as the 'Christmas Criminal' has been arrested in Perhamount yesterday. The Ant Bureau of Investigation, with its elaborate operation involving dozens of undercover ants, finally brought in Wenant yesterday. He was caught red-handed as he used a 'injured ant' ruse to allure an undercover agent carrying blueberry clandy to his children. ABI said that it was one of the many ruses John used to rob his victim and they been closely watching John's every move since the first day of Christmas.

Wenant is known for his shrewd tactics in robbery and his exclusivity to rob during Christmas season only. He attacks different cities each day and is estimated to have a yearly loot of at least 52 kgs of clandies and brownos. It is believed that Wenant has a secret stash in the anthills of Perhamount where he stores the goodies until next year. The antcops are meticulously searching the area for the loot.

Wenant has not spoken since his arrest and this has no doubt perplexed the officers to some extent.

"We are positive about the identity of the Christmas Criminal. However, Wenant has resolutely refused to cooperate with the investigation, despite offers to reduce his sentence. We are still unable to determine the exact location of the stored loot and if or any accomplices are involved." – Officer Lestrant, who headed the operation.

Wenant will be brought to justice within the next month and is looking at a sentence of minimum 5 years of forced leaf diet. He is currently retained in Perhamount prison and will face his first hearing before eleventh day of Christmas. The Bureau, however, has placed a request for an earlier hearing to rule out any copy-cat robberies during the season.

ABI has also announced a nation-wide vigilance for any ants using similar ruses or stealing Christmas clandies. This is in lieu of their suspicion that Wenton had an accomplice, whose identity is unknown. Despite this, the news of Wenton arrest has no doubt released the Kingdom from over a decade of terror.

"I can finally allow my antkids to carry clandies this Christmas", said a much relived mother.

"Maybe my mom will finally make brownos for us this year. She was always worried the smell will lure Christmas Criminal home", a three month old Trant said.

"I have ordered for a batch of mint clandies for the store yesterday. It has been so long that I have begun to forget how it tasted", Bernant said, twitching his silver antennae.

This Christmas, enjoy your clandies and brownos!

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