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"Science fiction is in the fourth aisle and the whole right side," I send a girl to the science fiction books

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"Science fiction is in the fourth aisle and the whole right side," I send a girl to the science fiction books.

I have began working in the library not a long time ago. Jack had urged me to do it for a longer time since I mentioned it.

So I did.

Three times during the week.

It's been great so far actually.

"I would need some help Ms. librarian," I look up to meet Leo.

"Hey Leo," I smile.

"Hey I would need to know where are the books about marine biology," he tells me.

"His nerd is out. It's down that way in the seventh aisle on the left side," I show him the way.

"Cool thanks," he seems to force a smile.

"Leo?" I call after him before he heads down.


"Is everything okay with Monica?" I ask him. He hadn't mentioned her or hung out with her that I would've registered for the past week.

"Oh uh well... I don't think so," he grunts.

"Something happened?" I think of the possibilities.

"Turns out you were right, the whole time. She had been cheating on me with different guys. I wanted to surprise her during the weekend, but... when I came she was making out with... someone else," Leo's gaze falls.
"I was such and idiot for believing her always," he rubs his eyes tiredly.

"No Leo don't think that. You loved her, maybe still do, and if you were happy with her, we can't tell you what to do,"

"I don't love her anymore. How can I when I know she's been with other guys apart from me. It f*cking makes the love disappear," Leo growls.

"I want to say that I know how you feel but I don't. There's one thing though what I can tell you. Right now... there's a girl out there somewhere who's maybe thinking she'll never find someone, or maybe she's heartbroken right now. But oone day you'll meet her... and she won't want to walk away," I hold his gaze.

"I hope so,"

"I know so," I say surely.
"What you did to the guy?" I think back knowing it might not have ended well.

"I... made a remake of his face," he mumbles.

"I hope it'll turn out better for you. Leo sometimes, we just have to learn to let go," I admit.

"I guess so, see you later," he leaves with a wave.

: : :

Half an hour before closing hours I begin to pick up the books around the library and put them back to there places.

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