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"I gave you your present, we're okay now, right?" Dahyun asked Jimin when they went out of the shop. She bought her a winter jacket.

"Why did you buy this for me?" Jimin asked her back.

"For winter, I want to give you something that you can use. Not just for displays." She answered.

"You're really not leaving TWICE?" Dahyun looked around.

"No." She whispered. "I already told you many times." Dahyun said.

"I'll take you home, where are you staying for tonight?"

"I think I'll go at Jin oppa's apartment."

"Okay, let's go there." Jimin placed the winter jacket in the back seat and they both went inside.

"You may sleep peacefully after hearing the rumor that I'm leaving TWICE." Dahyun chuckled. "Woah, I didn't know you're gonna be that sad, like your tears fell. Woah."

"Stop it, it's embarrassing." Jimin starts driving.

"If ever, I'm just leaving the group, not the members. They'll still remain as my friends, I'm not going anywhere like I'm leaving Korea."

"Stay with them until you grow old and disband as a team, you debuted as a team, you'll end as a team."

"Like BTS? I don't think you'll be like other groups, you're popular in other countries. Not just in Korea, you're very high. TWICE is ten times lower."

"That's not true. Don't compare it, you're doing good. Your comebacks are successful, you must be proud because I am proud of my friend. You." Jimin looked at her and stopped the car in front of Jin's house.

"Oh, we're here." Dahyun unblucked her seatbelt and got off his car.

"You're not gonna buy a new car?" Jimin asked.

"No, I'm okay commuting or just riding TWICE van."

"I understand, the trauma you got from our fan." Jimin said.

"Thank you, sunbaenim. Happy Birthday." Dahyun smiled.

"Thank you too, Dahyun." Jimin looked seriously behind Dahyun and she felt someone held her wrist, Dahyun closed the door of Jimin's car and saw Jungkook.

"Jungkook?" Dahyun looked at him and he looked very serious. "What are you doing? You're holding my wrist very tight, it hurts." Dahyun tried removing it, Jimin approached them and removed Jungkook's hand away from him.

"Hyung." He called, Jimin.

"It's a long day for all of us. Let her rest." Jimin said.

"I know it's your birthday, hyung. But let me talk to her." Jungkook held her wrist again and pulled her away from Jimin.

"Jungkook." He called.

"It's okay, sunbaenim. I'll talk to him." Dahyun said and he let her get inside his car.

"Dahyun!" Jin, Moonbyul, and Suho saw them. Jungkook didn't mind them and drove away from there."


"Tell me the truth, Dahyun."

"Truth?" Dahyun looked at him and held onto her seatbelt. "Will you slow down? You're going above the speed limit." Jungkook suddenly pulled over on the side of the road and get off of it. Dahyun looked at him walking back and forth, she slowly got off and closed the door. "What's wrong with you?" She asked.

"I thought we made everything clear???"

"Yeah, we did."

"Then why are you leaving TWICE?"

"What is it to you?" Dahyun asked calmly.

"What is it to me? Because I'll regret everything what I did to you, I'll blame myself why you stopped your career being in a group."

"Really? That's your concern? You don't have to do that, I'm telling you now. You're not the reason, it isn't your fault." Dahyun approached him and pushed him a little to move away from the door and she opened the driver's side. Jungkook stopped her and closed the door, he made her lean on the car. Dahyun looked at him. "Get off me, I'm just borrowing your car to go home."

"I don't want you to leave because being with TWICE is the only way I could see you." He said took a step backward.

"Wh-what? Stop this nonsense. Let's just go back."

"I'm not leaving here, you're not leaving without me." Jungkook held her hands.

"Get your hands off mine! I'll just walk!" She tried pushing him but it's no use. "Stop this, Jungkook. You're not funny! I'm not in the mood for jokes!" She said.

"I am not joking, Dahyun. I'm sorry." Dahyun still tried getting away from his grip, Jungkook touched both of her cheeks. She held Jungkook's wrists.

"No, no. Stop this." Dahyun didn't want to look at him and her tears starts falling. "What do you want?"

"I want you back. I want you back with TWICE." Dahyun finally pushed him away.

"I am not leaving TWICE. Happy?" She wiped her tears. "I'm tired of drama, I hate being dramatic. You know that? All of it are not true, I'm not supposed to be saying this to you. But just to make you stop, I am tired." She said.

"I want you back to me." Dahyun looked at him and laughed after few seconds of silence.

"Really, you want to make me laugh? This is not the right time." Dahyun turned around and held the door handle. "You know what? Let's just get back to the apartment, Nayeon and Jungyeon eonni told me not to tell anyone but Jimin sunbaenim asked me about it to so I told him first and now, you. Just to let people stop, let's tell the whole world that it's just a fake news." She's about to open it again but Jungkook once again stopped her. "What do you still want? I'm telling the truth that I am not l---" Jungkook cut her when he turned her around and he kissed her. Jungkook touched both of her cheeks, Dahyun didn't move. She didn't close her eyes in shock, Jungkook moved his lips to hers. She held tight on Jungkook's wrist and he wrapped his arm around her and moved Dahyun close to him, Dahyun tighten her grip on Jungkook's jacket and she can't help but kiss him back while her tears are falling from her face. She wants to get away but she wants to kiss him too.

Rolling over, getting my hair messy while writing this. I'm getting insane!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH, help juseyo! I FANCY YOU, GUYS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

 I'm getting insane!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH, help juseyo! I FANCY YOU, GUYS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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