Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

Even though I got scolded at by the pro heros I still want to become a hero. If I can't be one that fights might as well be a rescue hero. So my goal is the start training so I can at least do my best for the entrance exams in ten months. I know exams has two parts to which is written and physical. I am thinking if there is robots to fight I should just help out for people who are endangered. "Mom I am home." "Hi Izu you know how worried I was watching you on the news." "Sorry but it think I need help with things."

"Oh what is it." "A workout schedule, diet for it and anything I need to get stronger for the entrance exams." "Right at least I have the diet one and half of training ready for you already." "Really that is great thanks mom." Then from here on to the entrance exams I started training." Also part of my training was cleaning the beach as much as I can. We all do have the right to have a beautiful beach after all.

Soon the day of the entrance exams came. In the morning I went for a run until I know I should go back home and eat breakfast. "I can't believe you are going to the entrance exams today." "Me neither also don't do anything with the hero suit thing since I want to change the design." "Of course now go on and see how you do." I nodded and went to UA. When I got there I didn't look at how it was so big just Kacchan went ahead of me.

I am also happy I didn't trip when going in. A bit later after the written portion and a small speech about the robots we were by a gate. We were given the signal to start so we all rushed in. To my surprise there was a lot of people who needed help so I started to help them back on buldings, out of rubble and metal. In no time the zero pointer came out and I saw a girl stuck under some rocks. To which I ran over to her and started to move the rock with another one.

I pulled her out and had to carry her to safety just in time for the time to run out. I know I didn't get any villain points but I think I did well. I put the girl down before Recovory Girl got to us. "Thanks for saving me I'm Ochoko Uraraka." "It was nothing and I am Izuku Midoriya." "Well I hope we can be classmates." I agreed with her and we also became quick friends. After Recovery Girl was done we went home. "Hey Izuku welcome home so how did you do." "I ain't sure until the letter comes."

We didn't touch this subject anymore so I just started to do a design for a hero costume. I didn't change most of it but definitely got rid of the bunny ears and change the mask a bit. Sad thing is school hasn't been let out yet until we got our letters. So now it is two weeks after the entrance exams and during class. "Alright class we got two letters from UA for two of you students. So come on up Midoriya and Bakugou." So we did went up and got our letters. First Kacchan opened his." "I got exepted into the hero course 1-A since I got first."

They had me go next. "I got third place because of rescue points and a spot in Class 1-A." I kinda wanted to vanish at that moment. "Tch like hell you did." Of course no one believed me so Kacchan just took the paper from me. "What the fuck you ain't fucking lieing." I then took the paper back and went to my desk. We can say the bullying that day was horrible. Two weeks later was my first day of UA high.

I really did run there half an hour early and was kinda surprised someone was already there. "Hi I am Tenya Iida." "Hi I am Izuku Midoriya nice to meet a fellow classmate and brother of Ingenium." "How do you know." "You and your brother look the same so it wasn't hard to put the two together." Soon everyone was in their seat once the teacher came in and scared them. To bad they don't know which hero this is. "I am your homeroom teacher for this year Shota Aizawa."

"Just put on your gym uniforms and meet me outside." To which we all did and on the way there the red head boy spoke. "So what is everyone's quirks." I letted everyone say their quirk before it got to me. "The thing is I am actually quirkless." "Wow how did you get in anyway." "You see I just rescued a bunch of people and got third place because of it." They where just silent after that probably to comprehend what I said. I will just skip until after the whole tests.

On the board I somehow got fourth place which I don't understand how. "How did I even get fourth." "Who knows." I turned around and saw Tokoyami and apparently Dark Shadow was the one who talked. "I was just lieing no one is getting expelled today. Go get change and get a hand out from both stacks of papers on my desk." We did as said while when getting changed I felt perverted eyes from the grape on me which made me very uncomfortable.

"So you said you are quirkless then how about I ruin you and put kids in you." "No you nasty perv." He was still pushing his luck after that so Todoroki-kun froze him. "I will tell Aizawa-sensei about this." I thanked him and hoped we had one less student. Next thing I know is I am at home giving my mom the paper to go into the dorms. "Izuku just remember to be safe especially if you can get pregnant." "I know mom and I will tell you if I do by my own choice with the person who I love if they are the one to do it." "Ok sweetie."

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