chapter 1: familiar

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(-Six year flashback-)

Kara danvers walked into the door of her girlfriend's apartment late at night after a stressful day of working at Catco. She dropped her bag onto the floor and made her way into the bathroom.

The kryptonian slipped off her black jeans and kicked them off to the side, sliding them across the tile floor.

She carefully unbuttoned her light washed jean shirt, grabbed her black gym shorts off the shower curtain and pulled them on before Slipping her green hoodie over her head and heading out the bathroom.

The blonde sighed tiredly as she lazily curled up on her side of the bed, growing the more tired from the day she'd had.

Just as she rolled over onto her pillow, she heard a knock on the door.

Her feet hit the floor fast as lightning, she made her way to the door and sighed before she began to open the door a crack. To see her girlfriend of eight months, lena Luthor.

"Hey, welcome home." She chuckled lightly, and granted,  nervously.

"Hi." The brueneutte nodded firmly, pushing through the door into the apartment.

"So...?" kara sighed flatly, closing the door behind her. Knowing where her girlfriend had just returned from.

"I can't give you the answer you want, kara..."

Kara swept over her mouth with her hand as a reaction. "Right- Okay. Thanks, lena." She slightly snarked

Lena rolled her tearful eyes at such a response, "You were asking for this when you were too high on your own ego to use protection."

Kara let out a frustrated groan and sat down, trying to collect her anger. She had always been cautious knowing how her body adjusted differently on earth. But she'd never anticipated this way. She didn't want this, Nor was she ready.

"You could have said no." The blonde shrugged. Still  frustrated.

Lena scoffed softly, breaking eye contact with kara and backing further away than they already were. Already quite furious. "And you expect me to believe you would have listened to me if I said no?" 

Kara bit her lip harshly, holding back on saying multiple things she knew damn well she'd regret.

"Nothing to say, kara?"

"Baby...I'm not- I'm not fit for this! Sure, fuck, I may be one of the last kryptonians.. but for rao's sake on the inside I'm a lowlife!"

"If I'd ever think of you as a lowlife do you think I had I ever fallen in love with you?"

Kara sat in silence after that. Trying not to take her girlfriend's sentence to heart.

Then she broke the silence.

"I can't do this, babygirl. I'm not ready, and I'm never going to be." The blonde explained in a blatant manner.

Lena's heart practically sank, she knew kara was going to react this way, she just didn't want to believe it.

"Then it's settled. Kara-"

"Spare me the goodbyes, lena." Kara said tearfully, but still trying to maintain her seemingly somewhat strong manner, "I'm sorry. I wish you the best. Someone who wants this...someone you deserve." Kara nodded as a way to affirm  herself as she got up, taking it all in.

She shoved her hands in the two pockets of her shorts and started to head out the door.

Lena just stood there in deafening silence, watching Kara's every move.

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