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⊹⊱ Mingxia ⊰⊹

"Die?" I asked in almost a whisper. "There has to be some way to fix this. Maybe there is something in one of my teacher's books that will help me create a cure."

"There is only one cure for yaoguai poison, xīngān."

"What is it? I should be able to get the materials." He closed his eyes and laid his head back on the pillow, pulling me down with him without an answer. "Liwei?" I prompted. "You promised that there would be no more secrets between us."

"The cure's materials are impossible to find. You would need a Mer's tear of happiness, a Kelpie's drop of blood, a Selkie's cloak, and a Chollima's feather."

"I-if I leave now, I might be able to gather all of the materials. I should get going," I stuttered. My body was going into shock so anything that Liwei said didn't reach my ears.

"Mingxia, it's not safe. You haven't been to any of the regions and neither have I. I wouldn't want you to go alone. You just escaped one situation and you are so eager to step into another one."

"She won't be going alone," Jing-Wei said. Seeing the blue bird surprised me because I hadn't seen her since the wedding ceremony. Her clothes and face were covered in grime and dirt, but she didn't seem disturbed in the slightest. She handed me my cane, to which I took with gratitude.

"Jing-Wei, when did you return?" Liwei asked, a feeble attempt to divert our attention to the mission we had created.

"Just now. Shangzihua has been purified so the humans have been sent back to their villages. I heard your conversation with Xie Xia and went ahead to speak with Azusa about a possible treaty between Mutsushina and Wuzhen."

"Of course you did," he muttered under his breath which elicited a small giggle from me. "You hear everything even when I don't want you to. Nosy bird."

"And what about you?"

"What have I done now?"

"Enough! There will be no arguing in the infirmary!" Thalia chastised them like only a mother would. "Honestly! Both of you are worse than the children."

I hobbled away to Ariella, Zephyr, Cellisse, and Raith to check to see how they were doing. Raith was sleeping peacefully in a bed and the bruises on his skin were beginning to fade. "How is he faring?" I asked Ariella.

"He is doing better. It took some time to persuade him to sleep. His body needed to heal, and it seems to be going fine," Ariella replied as she ruffled her mate's hair. "Thank you, Mingxia. For everything. If Raith was awake, he would thank you too."

"It was all because of Meihui."

"Thank Meihui."

Zephyr nodded at me once but didn't say anything. He was as serious as his father, it was amusing to see what he inherited from his mother and father, respectively. I imagined that he would be next in line to rule the Zhen Tribe. If he was as feisty and disciplined as his father, he would be the perfect fit.

Cellisse was sleeping in the bed next to Raith. She was one of the few that hadn't sustained injuries, but she had to be exhausted. I didn't know what sort of torment that Cerai and his guards had subjected the Yǔmáo to, but the whole ordeal had to be especially draining for her.

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