Chapter 36: Adorable

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First night at the dorm wasn't as comfortable as it was back home but it's just a matter of time before I get used to every single changes in my daily routine starting today.

After I got ready for school I quickly locked my dorm room and proceeded to the dining tables.
Meals are served for students but we can also cook whenever we want. I just hope no one in this class burns down the dormitory.
Why do I see that happening...

"Good morning!" I chirped at the early birds that has already rose up from their nests.
"Good morning!" Iida and Yaoyorozu greeted in unison.

Few more minutes had passed and everyone started showing up. And deep down it was exulting, I thought I would get homesick but the alliance is already beginning to feel like home.

Katsuki was slacking as he walk and his uniform wasn't fully bottomed up like how it usually is.
Did he over sleep today?
Nah that never happens in school days.

"Morning Katsuki" I beamed from where I was sitting. He was wordless as he suddenly went behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders while his face immerse in my hair.
"Oouu, Bakugo wants to be babied early in the morning"
"Fuck off" Katsuki groaned at his classmates.

The fact that Katsuki doesn't spare a single ounce of fuck when showing his affection towards me in front of his classmates truly makes my heart swell.

"What's wrong?" I asked trying to get him to sit instead of leeching on me.
"I couldn't fucking sleep last night .." he muttered and I push a trey to him consisting of some rice and fried fish for his choice of breakfast.
"Why is that?"
"I can't fucking believe I had a stomachache because of eating too much ramen" he grumble as if he was trying to advocate a point.
Is he blaming me?
"You shouldn't have ate that much if you couldn't keep up with me.." I told him in the calmest voice possibly totally no intent to provoke him. In spite my immaculate voice control he still shot me with a glare.

But instead of engaging into a dispute with him I buttoned up his uniform instead, leaving the collar.
I know he would get mad if I don't.

"WAHHHH!! I want a girlfriend!" Kaminari cried out.
"Bakugo teach us your way will yah!" Sero scorned aiming to tease Katsuki in his sick state.
"Don't make me blow your ass up early in the morning you shitards" Katsuki almost groaned his sentence.


School became extremely busy with our Provincial
License exam right around the corner.
I thought that me and Katsuki will get more time spent together ever since the dormitory has been established. But we only have that specific time at night when we train together. He wouldn't stop complaining about it but at the end of the day we're both drained and left with no time for each other.
Everything just consistently comes right after another and it gives me a total whiplash.
There were nights that I would spend in the common room doing my homework just for the sake of spending time with Katsuki.

"Why can't you just go to my dorm roo—!"


"WE'RE ALWAYS IN THIS COMMON ROOM WITH ALL THESE EXTR—!" Katsuki complained but I'm not having any of it.




"I didn't even say any—"

Katsuki's face sank and he threw himself in the coach, arm-crossed.
I decided to disregard his pettiness and proceed with my homework.

By the time I finished Katsuki had stayed silent the entire time with a mope on his face. He was obviously sulking and regularly in need of attention.
I stacked my textbooks and notes together and turned my head towards him but he only face the other way.
Is he really that mad about it?
"Katsuki..." I sigh but he refuses to spare me a look.
I stood on my knees on the coach and bent down to give his cheek a smooch.
"Don't be mad..." I whispered and he finally tuned his attention to me.
"I ain't mad dumbass" he pouted but I returned the same face not believing his statement.
"Tch, it's like you don't even wanna hang around me" his voice faint while he also avoid my eye and I swear my heart literally cracked.

I never knew I made him feel this way.
My lips forged a bitter-sweet smile and once he became aware of his cheeks lightly blushing he pushed me away resulting me to fight my balance on the coach.

"Whatever, I'm going upstairs!" I was surprised by the tone escalation so I yanked his wrist before he could even take a step.
"Alright... wait for me there.." I whispered and his face lit up, making me chuckle a bit.
"Move along hot stuff, but only for today to celebrate our hard work before the exam tomorrow kay!" I told him and he smile softly.
"Yeaa.. whatever" he muttered like he wasn't just overly happy a few seconds ago.


After I returned my books in my room I teleported in his room. I felt like I was doing something wrong and I'm really ashamed of the choices I recently made.
"Hmmm....Illegal" Katsuki sneered and crinkled my nose, guilty and silly at the same time.
He quickly picked himself up from his bed and pulled me to his arms and quickly sat back to his bed. I faced the opposite way and I lean back to him as I let myself get comfortable.
We ended up in his bed yet again...
He closed his eyes and rest his face on my shoulder.
See you're tired yet you insist you're not...
This situation I've been apprehensive for, being too busy that relationship becomes inflexible.

I began to hum filling up the silence in the small and dimmed room, slowly getting light headed by the scent that is very much like Katsuki.

"You smell good.." he breath out and I shiver.
He squeezed me tighter and I cupped his hands, he's so warm and I feel so at ease.
I never realized how much I missed being in his arms.

My phone lit up and I tried to pull myself from him to have a look at it but his grip tightened not giving me the chance to even budge away from him.
"Don't leave...." he whispered his voice raspy as hell and I could tell he's half a sleep.
How can I ever leave if you say it like that...
"I won't....." I muttered not caring whether he heard it or not.

I let Katsuki fall asleep on my back before I gently try to lay him down properly. His arms were fixated around my waist and stomach to the point where he was immovable from me. I had no other choice but to use my quirk on him to get him to lay off me.

Just when I was about to leave and get ready to sleep, I looked at him one more time and I couldn't get my eyes off him after that.

I guess sleep could spare a few minutes..

I went back to his bed and I stroke his head as I admire his almost angelic sleeping face.
I felt his body slightly shift and his face began to relax and he completely turned into the sweetest human being.
I guess my hands do got some magic kekeke....

"Y/n..." he groaned and my stomach flutters.
I froze momentarily before I could finally processed what had just escaped his mouth.
"Y-yeah?!" I responded to check if he was conscious but there were no answer.
I turned steaming red and smoke is practically coming off my face.
I wanted to scream off the feelings accumulating in me.
He just said my name in his sleep..

How friggin' adorable is that!

Before I lose control, I leaned in to plant a kiss on his forehead before heading back to my room.
To be continued...

Sorry this was rushed :(

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