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A womans pain

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Warm, salty tears flow down her face.
She's all
People walk by, smirking at her
Making her feel
She goes home and cries.
She hurts so much
she puts gashes into her wrists
to signify her surrender.

She comes back, broken and hurt.
She's lost and scared
like deer in a hunt.
People walk by, smirking at her.
Everyday it was the same,
until she met him.

He made her smile, and her pain faded.
He was her everything,
she was his light.
He seemed to make her happy.
One night, she goes home with him.
He locks her in his bedroom,
and straps her to the bed.
She is scared, crying out for freedom.
He ripped her clothes,
leaving nothing but bare skin.

He touched her. He felt her warmth.
He then started beating her.
His screams telling her that he didn't need her.
Her fight for her life,
his fight for his sanity.

She lied there, cold, broken, and weak.
She fought for her life,
but death came to soon.
She lost her battle to the man that made her happy,
the one that completed her.
The one that brought her,

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