Chapter 26

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(Huge and Special Thanks to HugeBendyFan321 for giving me inspiration for this Chapter! Thank-You all who supported me through this as well~!)


  (Nightmare Part 4!)


  I laughed insanely and.... I kinda liked it. Being out of control; not in control of myself. I feel... free.

  But, one thing was keeping me from that freedom.... my mother. She's the one who made me this way; this monster underneath all of these scars and insanity. She hardly cared about me, let alone father. He was different, however. He didn't even shed a single tear of affection for me, as well as a bit of happiness.

  But, that doesn't matter to me anymore. What matters right now, is getting rid of my mother. She needs to pay the price for making me the way I am. Although, I am happy she did. But, it did create a huge wall of pain to well up inside of me; waiting to snap.

  Until... I finally did. And they were both... the cause of it all. And here she is. My mother... looking scared and pathetic with knife wounds in her arms, let alone in ther stomach, but not as bad as her arms. Minor wounds. Wounds that would scar her rotting and miserable life for eternity. And that kept her from moving for a while. Hehe.

  She looked at me with more fear and regret. But, you know what? I don't need her pity, let alone her sympathy for me. I don't want anything from her anymore, let alone my father. I just want to be free from this pain that has been with me for years. And I'm going to do just that.

  If this is the way to find my Creepypasta self... then... so be it.

  I backed away from her ear slightly. I looked at her once more. And all I see... is all of the pain, sorrow, and regret that she has kept from me. When I needed a loving mother... she wasn't there for me. And neither was dad.

  I will never forgive them. Never.

  I looked into her eyes with my (E/C) orbs with a cold, yet insane stare. She parted her lips, preparing to scream, but I had other plans.

  I raised the dull knife over my head, preparing to strike at any moment.

  Until finally, I let my body lose control and let the insanity take over. I plunged the knife in her abdomen. She screamed in pain and in agony. But, no one could hear her.

  I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. I stabbed, and stabbed and stabbed her; repeatedly until her body could not move any longer.

  'Finally... it is done! HAHAHA! HEHEHE!' I thought, insanely.

    My laughter became slower and more quite... and my sanity took over.

  My eyes widened in fear as I looked at the scene before me. I dropped the knife with a loud clank, and put my hands over my mouth in utter shock.

  "W-what h-have I d-done?!" I sobbed.

  I couldn't even go near the bodies of my parents. I didn't even want to look at them, but I was too afraid to take my eyes off of them. I was... afraid? That didn't seem like me... but I was too shocked to even care right now.

  I curled up in a ball and screamed, my hands on my head, pulling my hair with some blood pouring out. In pain... and of insanity.

  "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed. I couldn't take the power of my insanity. But, I had lost almost all of my sanity I had left. I was in unbearable pain that I just couldn't endure any longer.

  All that was left... was a bit of sanity left... that was for my parents. I was freaking out terribly. I screamed in pain from the voices in my head.

  "Let us...



  The voices said. I screamed even louder, telling them to get out of my head, but it wasn't working. Nothing was. I just... couldn't bear this... pain any longer.

  Until... I finally gave up.

  And I let my insanity take over...

  And that tiny bit of sanity that was there....

  Was now...


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