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hey, it's the author! i just wanted to make a quick comment about the names of the chapters and how i name them. when i name the chapters, i just pick something that relates to something small in the story, the chapter name is not necessarily about the whole chapter, it mostly just symbolizes a part of it! so to answer your question, no this chapter is not mostly about a basement! a basement is mentioned briefly in this chapter.

just wanted to say that real quick, thank you for using your time to read it <3
enjoy the chapter now.


"It's nothing important, it's just some vapes" he said.

"You still do that?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't I?" he asked back.

"Because, no one really vapes anymore." I said.

"Like you know, you're just a freshman" he said rudely.

"Yeah okay" I said, just brushing it off.

We pulled up at home and no one was there.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Asher and Cooper are at practice, Dan is working, and Luke is out running errands."

"Oh" I said, walking in the house.

Since no one was at home yet, I had to stay in his room because they couldn't "trust me"

"Can't I just be in my room?" I begged, "Luke won't know."

"Nope," he said.

I rolled my eyes.

I followed him into the house and into his room as he carried the box of vapes up there with him.

I sat on his bed while I looked at him open the box, revealing a ton of vapes.

"Why are there so many?" I asked, "Are those for a 5 year supply? Geez"

"No, it's not just for me." He said.

"Who else is it for then?" I asked.

"People who want it," he said, pulling one out and smoking it.

"Oh, why can't they just get it themselves?" I asked.

"It's called being a plug little sis" he said, sounding a little patronizing.

"I think I know what it's called thanks" I said, giving a sarcastic smile.

"Aight" he said, not caring.

I looked around Nathans room and looked at all his posters and junk.

I looked at his magazines, almost all of them were a bikini model magazine.

Of course, he would have some of these in his bedroom.

"Why you lurking?" he asked, snatching the magazines from my hands. 

"Because your room is so junky and just want to see what you're hoarding," I shot back at him.

"Well quit snooping around would ya?" he said harshly.

I rolled my eyes and then flopped on his bed.

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