How they like to hug

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I only learned about Hazbin Hotel about three days ago and am already deeply in love with it! So of course I had to write this. I apologize if the characters are out of character or if these scenarios are bad but remember: This is all for fun so please no hate~

You can imagine yourself how you met them and whatever demon species you want to be. I won't choose your demon type, your gender, your personality, your pet, etc... Those are all up to you.

I accept requests but I don't do requests involving babies/pregnancy since I hate babies. You can't request characters!


She loves to jump on you and give you a big hug full of love. She will do it anywhere she wants. She's not shy to do it outside since she likes to show everyone how much she loves you.


Your usually the first one to hug her since she likes to act tough. She will usually give a little chuckle then wrap her arms around you and relax from all the stress. She will only hug back when it's only the two of you. If someone else is in the room she will just wrap one arm around you then let you go after a few seconds.

Cherri Bomb:

After a crime she loves to jump on you and hug you in excitement. Their usually short but fun hugs. Sometimes you even fall making her laugh and tease you about it.


She loves to hug your waist and tell you whatever she wanted to say. She will usually run away when she sees something dirty so she can clean it.

Angel Dust:

He loves to give you affection. He always be hugging you, clinging to you and making flirty comments. When you ask him to let go he will just hold you tighter and put his chin on your shoulder, not planning to let go anytime soon.


He likes to randomly pull you to him since he enjoys your shocked yelps whenever he does so. He will give you hugs for fun or whenever he is dancing he likes to hold you.


He won't admit it but he likes when you hug him. One time you really needed a hug but when you tried to hug him, he leaned away which made you cry. He was shocked at your sudden crying so he gave you a hug, apologizing for whatever he had done.

Sir Pentious:

He likes to wrap himself around you and hold you, snuggling into your neck with his face so he can hide there from all the stress and finally relax. Sometimes when he hugs you while your laying on the bed, he will accidently fall asleep on you.

No, you can't request characters. I will only do characters who have a lot of showtime on the show, so the main characters.

Also sorry for any writing mistakes, English isn't my first language.

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