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Hi! As you can see, this is our community book, where we'll update you on the community as a whole. First, you should probably know who we are.

Overall Admin(s)

ccallis0246 - Just me for the moment. I approve everything and oversee everything, if I'm not the one doing it. My job for our only current project, Sunflower Book Club, is to oversee everything, answer questions, make the assignments each week, and accept people into the book club. If someone wants to leave the book club, reassign with a new partner, or permanently pair with someone, that goes through me. I'm also working on getting the word out about this community (creating this book for example). I'm putting together new projects as well, so many of my responsibilities are things you don't see.

Book Club Admin(s)

Jumping_Jiminys - JJ is a wonderful addition to the team, being the first admin (besides myself) to join us. JJ has helped spread the word and keeps all of us informed on how new book club members are doing. When a new member has finished their assignment, they tag JJ so that JJ can evaluate their comments.

GigiMC_0308 - Gigi has been doing a great job of trying to get the word out there for our community by posting about us on her Twitter, creating a topic for our book club in the clubs, and creating our Discord. She's much better that technology than I am, lol. The majority of her responsibility is with the book club by checking everyone's sunflower blooms. When they're done with their assignment (we call them blooms), they tag her for her to check it. You can also turn to her with your book club questions, but she'll redirect you over to me if necessary.

That's it for now! Since we only have one project at the moment, we don't have that many admins. Please check out the other chapters in this book if you'd like to be an admin of any of our future projects.

As for what we do, we're just a Wattpad community looking to help old and new Wattpad writers in a positive way. We hope we can help better your stories and your writing.

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