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Two years later, Paige somehow managed to keep her sanity while working at Mount Massive Asylum. Despite the constant reminder of her family's fickle safety and Jeremy Blair's insistent need to talk to her, she kept her mind in focus. At first, Paige wasn't allowed any information on what Murkoff was trying to do, she was purposely kept out of the loop. However, when Jeremy discovered Paige snooping in his desk, trying to figure out what the Morphogenic Engine was and what exactly is Project Walrider, Jeremy was more than happy to show her.

He dragged her into one of the Morphogenic Engine sessions and made her watch through its entirety. What was worse about the whole thing is that it was one of her main patients: Eddie Gluskin. He explained what Project Walrider is. Paige asked him why he was telling her all of this, knowing full well that none of it was legal. Jeremy just laughed and said, "It's not like you have anyone to tell because you have no contact from the outside. Even if you did, we would never give you the opportunity to tell them."

God, she wanted to leave. She never wanted to see that place again. Mount Massive plagued her dreams or rather nightmares. Every nightmare, accompanied by the high levels of stress, has left her restless and wide-eyed. She swore she saw multiple grey hairs in the sea of her black curly hair. Sometimes, she'd look in the mirror and just stare at herself. Not to look at herself vainly but to see what has become of her because of Mount Massive and Murkoff Corp. Her usually tan skin became pale due to lack of sunlight, she couldn't go out with her friends in fear of saying the wrong thing, knowing Murkoff probably has someone following her. Her hazel eyes looked dimmer, more sunken than ever before. She couldn't even look at the size of the bags under her eyes, it was horrible. Thank God for makeup, or else everyone she cared about would be asking questions. Questions that she had the answer to but just couldn't tell them. Her family would always call and friends would always visit, but Paige knew they couldn't talk about her work. She made sure to watch what she was saying, she made sure of it. She wouldn't let anything happen to them, avoiding certain questions, making up the rest. She sounded like Eddie.

The thought of Eddie snapped her out of her deep thought. She blinked rapidly, trying to remember her surroundings. She looked down and saw a coffee cup in her hand. That's right, she was on break, on her third cup of coffee. Paige looked at the time, it was time for her session with Eddie. She sighed deeply before throwing her cup away and walking towards her usual interview room.

She smiled at the guards who were posted outside the door. They were the same guards from her first day. They had grown on her, and telling how they acted, she could say she had grown on them too. They had obliged on her request to stay outside during sessions so Eddie could be more open to talking without the constant feeling of being stared at. 

Paige knocked on the door politely and after hearing the words, "Come in!" she opened the door. 

Eddie greeted her with a smile. "Good afternoon darling." 

"Good afternoon to you too Eddie." Paige grinned. Her relationship with Eddie has certainly gotten closer after two years with each other. They would spend hours talking about anything and everything. Eddie even talked about his past, the things he's done, and how he was doing now. Though he spoke reluctantly, he spoke about the Engine, how much it hurt him, mocked him, humiliated him. Paige wanted to help him, she really did but how can she help him if she can't even help herself? 

"How are you today?" Paige asked.

He absentmindedly touched the left side of his face, resisting the urge to scratch it. "A bit down in the dumps, I'm afraid." 

Paige sagged a bit at the comment. "How about a little walk around the courtyard to clear lift your spirits?" She smiled when Eddie lit up. Paige got certain privileges since she was the one making the most progress with Eddie than all of the past therapists combined. And since Eddie hasn't had a violent episode for two years straight, outside privileges were in order. 

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