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It was morning and I woke up and saw Chanyeol on my bed sleeping. (did I know he was in here?) well...i just went back to sleep.
----8 am----
I woke up and it's 8 am. She looks so beautiful when she's sleeping. I suddenly felt her arms around my waist so I slowly took her hands off and went out her room.

I woke up and didn't see Chanyeol. I didn't worry about it and did my morning routine like always. Then I put on my uniform. my shirt was black with a collar with a Red blazer and a red tie. my skirt was black and my shoes was white flats. My hair was down with a white bow on it. Now I went downstairs and looked like I was the only one who woke up late.

"Morning guys." I said my brothers was staring at me so long. Please don't tell me this is happening again.

"Wow! You look- AMAZING!" D.o said.

"Awww, my little sister is growing up already." lay said and he hugged me.

"Yah! Leave her alone!" Chanyeol said. why is he so over protective? They was just joking. I was standing by myself when suddenly Suho had like a mini meeting with the boys. I felt really strange and confused at the moment.

"Ok guys, we have to stop being mean to Jayu." suho said.

"What do you mean being mean? We were just playing with her." sehun said.

"Like, getting in her nerves." Chen explained.

"We weren't getting on her nerves, this conversation doesn't even make sense" LUHAN said.

"Ugh guys? We have to go to school now." I said and they laughed.

"Oh yea. lets go guys" Kris said. I was walking to the bus and suddenly I heard someone call my name and I turned around. and it was Kris.

"Ugh, Jayu, you're not going on the bus. You're coming with us" he said and he took my hand.

"Ara." I said and I saw the vehicle and I was beautiful.

"Oh, Jayu, were not going in that one we're going in this one because we don't like to draw attention to ourselves." Kris said and I nodded. Kris opened the door for me and I went in. I sat next to Luhan and Suho. Luhan is a really talented person. He was doing the Rubix cube thing. (I think that's wat it's called).

"Wow! Luhan, how can you do that so fast?" I asked.

"It's easy. You have to know where goes where." Luhan explained.

"How about you try." he said.

"U-um. Ani. I don't think I can do it." I said.

"Oh come on don't be a loser." SUHO said. since when did he get in this?

"Come on! Jayu. I'll help you." Luhan said and he grabbed the both of my hands on top of the cube and he put his hands on top of mine so he can guide me with the cube. It felt really weird. His arms was around me and everything.

"There you go. that's how you play it." Luhan said.

"OMO! Thanks! That was really fun and.... weird." I said

"Yea. you'll get the hang of it someday." He said and he pat my head like I was a pet or something.
****AT SCHOOL****
"Ok Jayu, time to go to your class now ok? now LET GO OF ME!" Kris said. why is he so mean? I don't want to go to my class. I'm scared.

"I'm scared to go in" I whispered while tugging on his shirt.

"Just go. class will be over in a hour ok?" He said and kissed my cheek. I just love my brothers kisses.^^

"Ok. bye." I said and he walked away. I slowly knocked on the door and the teacher opened it. I saw on her name tag and it said Ms. Kim cho.

"Oh. annyeong. your my new student correct?" She said.

"Ne. that's correct." I said.

"Ok then. introduce yourself to the class." she said and sat on her desk.

"Ok. well Annyeonghaseyo nae ileum-eun Jayu-imnida! I'm an exchange student from Busan and please take care of me." I said with a lot of passion. Even though I'm new to this school, I'm never shy.

"Ok. Thank you and you can have a seat next to JungKook." she said. I sat next to the boy named JungKook and he looked like a really nice guy but he had to take the nerve and say hi.

"Annyeonghaseyo my name is JungKook but you can call me Kookie." he said.

"Annyeong. it's nice to meet you JungKook or KOOKIE." I said. The class ended and I went to my locker and when I closed my locker I saw JungKook.

"Hi JungKook." I said

"Hey. wanna go to lunch together?" He said.

"Sure." I said and we went. While I was walking with JungKook, I saw Chanyeol.

"Channie!" I yelled.

"Jayu, who is this guy? And why are you going to lunch without me? We're suppose to stay together." he said and took my hand.

"Ani. I don't have to go with you. And this GUY name is JungKook by the way!" I yelled.

"Jayu, why are you acting like this? Are you trying to impress him? You're suppose to be with me at all times! NOW LETS GO!" He said and grabbed my wrist really hard and I yanked it out.

"NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I said and ran away to the bathroom without JungKook.

This is getting tense!!!! 😁😁

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