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We played ball for about 40 minutes before we decided to take a break. Everyone was pumped up, shirtless and sweaty. Well everyone, except Bobby, who looked liked he hadn't done anything but stand up even though Jeff, Mack, and myself were working incredibly hard just to keep up with him. Luckily, he was coming off like just a really good basketball player and not some crazy vampire showing off his fangs when Mack tried to get stupid and tried to trip him up.

"Damn, you're good man! Do you play on your school's team?" Mack was asking. He was bent over, his hands on his knees, breathing heavy.

"Yeah, pretty good team too," Bobby laughed, as he kept dribbling around, ignoring the fact that we were all dying from exhaustion.

"I need water." I said, walking over to the edge of the court. I grabbed my water bottle off the ground and kept walking toward the table, collapsing down on the edge of one of the picnic benches.

"You played good, Max," I heard one of Alex's friends say as I turned around gulping water.

"Thanks," I replied. She was trying to flirt, a big smile on her face. I pretended not to notice.

"Eww, Jeff! You're all sweaty, don't touch me!" I heard Alex complaining from the other side of the table. Jeff was pawing at her, laughing. She glared at him, pissed off.

"So, its Bobby, right?" Alex turned away from Jeff, and smiled at him.

"Yep," Bobby said, walking toward the only empty spot by Alex's friend. I think her name was Candy or Brandy or something dumb like that.

"What school do you go to? You said you play on your school's team?" she said, trying to flirt with him, now.

"Well, I went to a private boarding school way up north. The team usually only plays other private schools, so its doubtful we would have played your school, or you would have heard of it." Bobby replied. Then, he spun the ball on the tip of his finger. Show off.

"Knew it, you got money just like Luke." Mack's head popped up and I just shook my head in embarrassment. Jeff laughed.

"Yeah, I guess you could say we "got money" he good-naturally chuckled a response, but I could tell it was forced and he was bored.

"So, you got a girlfriend then?" Alex's friend piped up, maneuvering in closer to Bobby.

"Could you be anymore desperate?" I said irritated. I like Alex, but not her friends. "He's married so stop acting like a dumb bimbo gold digger."

I felt this over protection build quickly toward Mickey. Not sure why, but I hated the idea of some dumb girl trying to hit on her husband. On reflection, I only meet her for a few moments this morning. But it was like we had been good friends if she wasn't a vampire at all. She reminded me a lot of Alex. Then, I realized everyone at the table got very quiet and I felt all eyes on me. I realized I was the one who screwed up here, not Bobby, which I had been freaking out about because I was sure he would.

"Wait! You're married?" Alex was saying, seemingly pretty excited about it, too.

"No! That's not what I meant." I quickly interjected. "He has a girlfriend and when they're together they act like an old married couple. I thought it was funny, to call them married. Its an inside joke. It was funny before, but not now, just forget it. He's not married. He just has a serious girlfriend."

"Oh, okay. Tell me about your girlfriend, Bobby," Alex said, almost nervously.

"She is really great. Max is right. We are like an old married would be with our dramatic fights and break up then the make up time." he was bragging, as Jeff lifted his fist in the air. Bobby did the same thing. Alex glared at Jeff.

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