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Annie was grinning her silly, beautiful little girl smile. She was not going to make it easy for me to get out of the belts I was tied up in. I up at the opening as the music started playing. At the entrance of the "tent", I saw Macy's blond hair as she came crawling in. I looked at Annie, again, who was settling in as the movie was starting.

"Annie, I really need you to untie me," I pleaded. She smiled and looked over at Macy.

"Macy, the prisoner wants to be freed. What do you think he needs to do to earn his freedom?" She was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Of course, Annie was going to make this as dramatic as possible.

"I don't know, he could get us some snacks to eat while we watch the movie." Great, now I was going to be a waiter.

"Pizza's being ordered. You don't need snacks to fill up on." I said, trying to worm my way out of being snack boy. Annie tapped her fingers against her chin like she was thinking pretty hard, but I knew better. She already had a plan formed.

"Well then, you have to say who the best sister in the world is, and who other best person in the world is." Annie was begging for flattery.

"Fine. Annie is the most wonderful sister in the entire world and nobody could ever top how amazing she is. Her best friend Macy, is the best person in the world right up there with Annie." I said, dripping with the most sarcasm could muster still being tied up with pink and yellow belts. "They are so equally amazing nobody no how could ever stand a chance at dethroning them and they're super awesome amazing kids," I continued, as Annie smiled smugly.

"That will do, I guess." Anne gave in. I was untied.

"Okay girls, I have to go change. I'll see you later. Or maybe tomorrow," I said, crawling out of the tent.

I started up the stairs. How funny those two girls were when they were together. I noticed it was starting to get dark out. There was about an hour and a half until the sun went down. I grabbed my gym shorts and a new tee-shirt to change into. I showered quickly as I hadn't bathed in over 24 hours, and wanted to wash last night off me. I was going to go run around and get sweaty, but at least I wouldn't start smelling bad especially because Alex's was bringing a few of her friends and a couple were pretty good-looking. Once out I quickly dressed and went back to my room. I started putting my shoes on, and caught sight of the box containing the cell phone. I grabbed the box and looked at the phone. There was no missed calls. I relaxed.

I stood up, debating whether I wanted to bring the phone with me to play ball. If i brought it and it rang and I answered it in front of everyone, they would ask start asking questions I could not answer. If I left it here and I missed their call would they actually hurt my family because I left it here. I figured it was best to leave it here because I would rather not have to make up something to explain to everyone, and I could just say that I forgot to take it. It sounded reasonable to me. I headed down the stairs, I should really leave or I would be late. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and started heading out the front door.

"See you later girls...." I said, unlocking the door.

"Bye Max!" Annie shouted as I tried opening the door.

The door wouldn't move. I pulled again, but it was stuck. I shook the door handle furiously. I must have slammed the door shut when I came home in a way that wedged the door into the frame. I glared up at the ceiling, frustrated at the fact I couldn't get the door open. I once again grabbed onto the door handle gripping it tightly with both hands and forcefully yanked as hard as I could until the door finally gave popped open. I stumbled back slightly, trying to balance myself so I didn't fall.

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