Chapter 18

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Raven POV

Today we were going to see Ethan's family and I was nervous and happy that they were willing to get to know their granddaughter. And Blue was so happy that she was going to see her grandparent again. I told Amanda about it she was more excited than I was, she want me to get back with Ethan telling me he was to damn handsome, gosh she was crushing on him already
When we got there she was so excited to see them she talked to them even after dinner she was still talking, that girl sure loves talking but when her father tried talking to her she just ignored him which made Ethan angry
After what he said Blue was so angry and ran outside she was crying she told me she wanted to go home so we got in my car and I drove off
When we got home she was really angry , she went inside her room and was crying I tried cheering her up by playing are favourite cartoon,after she stopped crying but it did not work she was so sad that child is so hard to please
So I went out and bought her ice cream, yeah that brightened her up
I asked her why she was so angry with her father she just said "he left you mama, he did not even look for you why will he want me he doesn't even love me" I sighed.
Honey don't say that your daddy loves you and he wants you in his life, why don't you give him a chance okay honey?
OK mom I will try
Thank you baby alright go to sleep baby I love you
I love you too mama, goodnight
The next day
Amanda came to my house as early as possible, telling me she got my message that girl loves gossip or whatever you want to call it so i told her what happened she was angry but then she started saying I should try talking to him and forgive him I told you that girl got a crush on him
I went to take my bath like I told you Amanda came way too early, when I was done I heard her talking to someone so I came down to check who it was, to my surprise it was Ethan what was he doing here, it's too early for any nonsense argument I was about to ask him what he wanted but Ethan was staring at me
shit I forget I just came out of the bathroom with only my towel on and my hair and body was dripping and the idiot was busy staring at me.

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