Chapter 16

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Raven POV

When Blue told me she wanted to go home and i saw the way Ethan was looking at me then Blue and he asked the question I was not ready to answer "Raven is she mine"
"Mom is he my dad"
I looked at Blue,I just looked at her and said yes she looked at me and then back at Ethan and said so he his the one that left you I just nod my head. Then she asked again but who are the rest? I just point and said they are his parent your grandparents and aunts and uncle
So I have family from his side and they are good I just nodded, she looked at them and turned back to me mom can we go home am so tired sure dear but won't you like to talk to your grandparent or your father she just looked at Ethan and said I don't want to talk to him. Okay that alright But what about them I looked towards Ethan's family
she ran to Ethan parent and said hi, my name is Blue she turned to Peter and said Grandpa can I come and visit you and Grandma tomorrow
Sydney and Peter were so happy and crying, gosh the drama what's with the tears. Sidney and Peter were so happy that they had a granddaughter they just nodded there head saying "yes child you can come and see us tomorrow"she hugged them and turned to the rest and hug them as well before saying I don't know your name yet but I hope we will see each other tomorrow since you are all my family now, they just smiled at her and nod their head since everyone was still shocked to see that they had a niece and granddaughter
Even my parents were surprised to see I had a child but I didn't say anything to them. I just held my daughter's hand and said goodnight.....

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