Chapter 14

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I was about to reply when I saw
it was no one other than my stupid ex-husband, that is what he can say to me what was I even expecting him to say anyway
I just gave him my stone-cold face which he knows very well is what I do when am angry or when I don't want to talk to you I told him thanks he was sad seeing me with that expression I mean what was he expecting that I should turn and kiss him, smile at him or what after what he did to me.
He was about to say something else when his family appeared from nowhere, his mom was the first to hug me I was shocked
His mom Sydney never liked me she was always looking for a way to get me out of her son's life telling me I was not good enough for him and her husband Peter he was always looking at me like I was some gold digger or something
I only got along with his younger sister Avery who was still in boarding school the rest we had issues I mean big issues
Like his sister Adrianna, we went to the same school but she hated me telling me I was the reason why her boyfriend broke up with her when she found out I was dating her brother she was angry I mean the bitch didn't even come to our wedding but who cares she was just so childish
I did try to be friends with her but it was like I was making things worse so I just let the bitch be
Then there is Nathan the man whore, yeah I called him that because he sleeps around with any girl even some of our female teachers were sleeping with him so when he asked me out and I refused him he was angry because no one had ever rejected or refused him, he nearly made my life a living hell I told him I was dating his brother but he was like "so what I just want to have sex with you nobody will know, we can keep it a secret" stupid boy. I later found out he made a bet that he was going to have sex with me thank God I refused him like I was ever going to accept him but he's very very handsome, oh my, what am I saying...
So to see all of them here smiling at me like asking what had happened before was so surprising and then my daughter Blue came to me and said
"mom do you know them?"

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