Newt and I had gone outside to investigate the yelling only to find Alby and of course, Minho, yelling about something involving a baby.

"What are you two bloody shanks yelling about?" Newt called as he walked over to them, I was following close behind.

"Baby or no baby?" Minho questioned turning to us, he was glossed with sweat, probably from running all day, his hair was slicked back and his jaw was set firm.

"No baby... for now at least." Newt said firmly, his voice strong, like an alpha's.

"Great- They're probably send up some shuckin grievers with our luck." He muttered then looked at me.

"Now tell me hun- What's so bad about having a baby and saving all out shuckin lives?" He asked somewhat harshly but not as sarcastic as I've seen him with the other Gladers.

"I've been here like a week Minho- I'm really not in the mood to get pregnant right now." I hissed doing my best to glare at him praying it would work.

Newt looked over at me looking worried.

"Yea? Well you're going to have to have a baby sooner or later." Minho said annoyed with my answer

"And why is that?" I bit my lip unsure if I should shove him or not.

"Well I'm sure Newt wants a kid and if we get some threatening notes about this you're going to have a kid." He said annoyed and Newt stepped in.

"Both of you quit it. Minho can it you bloody shank 'Kay? She's already nervous as it is." Newt said, his voice showing just how annoyed he was.

"I'm going for a run you shank." Minho hissed at Newt before running back into the maze.

"Tide-" Newt sighed and turned to me before pulling me close to him rubbing my back as I rested my head on his hard yet soothing chest.

"Yes?" I whispered softly wrapping my arms around him as well as he held me close.

"We've got a meeting tonight" he said softly and sighed rubbing my back and a loud almost buzzing noise went off.

"That's the box- It shouldn't be going off." Newt said suddenly, before he could say anything else I was running to it.

Who knew what this held?

As I arrived at the metal doors built into the ground, a few other Gladers started to arrive as well, all gathered around the box.

Just as anxious as I was.

Newt, Alby and Gally gathered around, Alby and Gally grabbing the handles and heaving the doors open and Newt jumped into the box landing with a thump.

"What is it?" Someone asked causing an eruption of yelling, most yelling: "he'll tell us in a minute shuck-face."

"A couple notes." He said and looked up at me handing me the white enveloped notes as 2 other Gladers helped pull Newt up.

I tore open the first one and read it to myself.

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