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The courtiers are hell bent on finding a fault in their Queen and it won't be long before they find out about the Hittite connection. I hope I have enough time to find out the truth and prove to everyone that my Queen is not a spy. I walked into my room to find the servants helping Nefertari choose some jewelry from the royal jeweler. She turned back and saw me and gave me a heartfelt smile that always warms my heart. I soon dismissed the servants and took her in my arms.

The sun rays that entered our room made her look like a goddess. I had a tiring day with the arguments about the heir and the information I learnt about Nefertari but just looking at her made me feel so refreshed and I assured myself that Nefertari would never betray my trust but I decided not to question her till she opens up to me.

"You look tired." she stated.

"No I'm fine" I said while I took her hand and made our way to the arm chairs in the south of the room. I took off my head gear and Jewelry and kept it on the side table and made my self comfortable on the chair. She didn't take a seat on my lap as usual and gave me a look I've not seen before. 

"What is it?"

"I've been with you for the last 4 years and every time when you spent the night with me, you always allowed me to remove your head gear and jewelry. You doing it by yourself doesn't seem normal to me"

I was afraid I was letting on more than I should. I pretended everything was fine and shook my head in disagreement. "Everything is fine. Just the courtiers made an issue on why I have not fathered a child yet but you, please don't worry. We consummated on the day that was advised by the High priest and every other day." I said as I pulled her on to my lap and laying my head on her shoulders, hugging her body close to mine.  " I'm sure very soon we will get a good news. How have you been feeling these days? Is there any change that needs to be discussed with the healer?"

"Are you indirectly asking if I'm pregnant?" She kissed my forehead and caressed my cheek ,         " Sese, It's not been that long since the auspicious day and it's too soon to tell. If there is a good news, you will be the first to know..."

I let my hand caress her stomach through her purple linen robe, "I hope it won't be long". I captured her lips in a passionate Kiss and whispered, "I'm not going to stop, until I get you pregnant with my heir, you know that right?". She gasped as I carried her in my arms and rushed into the bedroom.

 She gasped as I carried her in my arms and rushed into the bedroom

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I woke up to find Nefertari fast asleep beside me. I looked around our bedroom and smirked while remembering the wild night we had. The morning sun rays coming through the closed curtains of the balcony made Nefertari look so beautiful , that I didn't want to leave her but my duties called my presence.

Walking out of the bedroom, I found out that Burka , my loyal servant who had been by my side ever since I was a Prince had prepared everything I needed to get ready. I was guided to the royal bath, where some of burka's servants , helped me finish my bath and get dressed for the day. When I came out of the bath , I was served food and the my royal duties for the day were read out loud.

As I walked into the throne room to start with the court matters , I noticed that most of the courtiers were smirking at each other. I knew it was going to be a tiring day. The day to day issues were discussed at the meeting and it took my whole morning providing solutions to all the problems that were presented. When I was preparing to adjourn the meeting, Uncle of my royal consort Ivy, spoke up "Your Majesty, We all have discussed this at length and think that it is appropriate that we bring in this motion to your attention".

"What is it?"

"We all have come to an agreement that it would be in the best interest of this nation , that we dethrone Queen Nefertari and send her to the temple of Ra in Thebes,  where she could denounce her gender and serve at the temple."

I just couldn't believe my ears. How could they dare to speak up about Nefertari in such a disgraceful manner? How could they even think I'll dethrone her? " On what basis are you making such a outrageous suggestion. Have you lost your desire to live?"

"Your Majesty, Please understand that we have learnt about Queen Nefertari's connection to the Hittites. May be she entered your heart and entered your harem to have you under her control. May be she is a pawn that has been sent here by the Hittites"

The rage I felt at that moment cannot be described. How dare they call Nefertari a pawn? Nefertari was my everything, It's true that she has been keeping a few things from me but I'm sure she has her reasons. I looked to my right to find Mentus looking shocked at the happenings at the court. I'm sure it's not him who leaked this information and I will get to the bottom of it, but for the moment I have to end this problem now. I drew my sword and made my way to meet Ivy's uncle, he took a step back as I rushed towards him. I kept my sword to his neck and he went on his knees maintaining eye contact with me. " I have known about Nefertari's connection to Hittites for a while now and I am very sure that she is a pure soul who is no part of the so said conspiracy that you all keep on talking about. If anyone ever dare to disgrace Queen Nefertari, I swear by the Gods that I serve, I'll kill you in a blink of an eye and will send your families to keep you company in the after life."

"Am I clear ?" I asked pressing the sword to his neck drawing his blood as I do so, and heard every courtier sing in unison "Yes, your Majesty".

"Henceforth, Anyone who is speaking against her highness will be charged with treason." I turned around pointing my sword to all the courtiers "Use your words wisely".

I threw away my sword and walked out of the room promising myself that I will kill each and everyone that will speak against Nefertari. I will kill all their family members and end their bloodline. It does not matter to me at all that people claim I'm a fool in love, because she is all that matters to me.


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