The Immortals: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Violet's point of view

I watched as Eques left the bookstore, my face heating up and the spot where he'd kissed my hand tingling. Two strange encounters in 24 hours, wow. I shook my head, setting Hush Hush back on the bookshelf and gathering my books into my messenger bag, waving to the guy at the check out counter and exiting through the main entrance, breathing in the September air. It was nearing the end of the month, and I was missing summer badly. It wasn't that I did bad in school, I just preferred the warm weather and not having to be around all the people. I pulled out my purple ipod, turning on the Volcaloid playlist and smiling at the familiar flood of techno synthesizers. I strolled down the sidewalk, glancing every this way and that, wondering where I should go next. How many new, strange-talking people had arrived in my town? I'd seen two so far, were there more? I turned and went into the little antique shop on the corner of the street, smiling slightly as the bell on the door jingled. I waved the owner; a stout, balding man in his late 40's, with smile wrinkles and kind eyes. He smiled widely and called a quiet greeting.

"Why, hello miss Violet! I hope we're doing well today."

I laughed and nodded. "Yes, sir, I'm doing great. Just looking around today."

The man nodded and went back to his work. I walked through the isles of antique wares, from dolls to coke ads, this store seemed to have everything. I went here every Sunday, it was like tradition. After a while, I headed out of the store, calling a goodbye over my shoulder. I walked a couple streets over, until I reached my 2009 black Honda civic parked next to the library. I slipped in, inserting the keys and hearing the roar of the engine as I started it up. I was 17, and I'd had my licence since the day I'd turned 16.  Eager driver much? I snorted in my head.

I drove through the winding woods until I reached my large, 3 story house. If you hadn't noticed, my family was pretty wealthy. But I didn't go around shopping every day and flying to Paris every other weekend; I preferred a slightly normal life, thank you very much. But my parents were always out; Dad was a lawyer, and mom was an executive for a large corporation. They were almost never home, but they maid sure our maid, who was more like family, always kept the fridge stocked and the house  clean.Laura was a lucky woman; she lived in our house, was paid at least twice the normal salary, and she was treated with high respect.

I pulled into our 6 car garage and set the car into park, shutting off the engine. I picked up my bag from the passenger seat and slipped it over my shoulder, heading inside the house. On the ground floor, we had a wide open kitchen with granite counter tops and dark wood floors, a giant brown carpeted living room with black couches and chairs with a large flat screen tv, and the front room had 2 desks for when the parents came into town and multiple computer screens. I sighed, heading up to the third floor, my floor. Since the parents were never home, they had 3 rooms on the second floor, and Laura had 2, her bedroom and her own personal bathroom.

I twisted the golden doorknob at the top of the stairs and entered a large room with chairs all around, an electric blue fridge, a flat screen tv, and three different doors; my bedroom, my bathroom, and the pool. Yes, we had a pool on our third floor. My dad had helped design the house, so it had everything. I slipped into my room, setting  my bag on the large electric blue bed. Everything on my floor was either electric blue, white, or black. I opened my walk in closet, deciding that I wanted to go for a swim. I changed into a plain black bikini and grabbed a blue towel, heading out and into the pool room, setting down the towel on a chair and jumping in. I swirled underneath the surface, enjoying the cool sensation of water against my skin. When I couldn't hold my breath anymore, I headed back up, gasping for air. I swam for around an hour, practicing my dives and flips. I was on the swim team in the winter, and I liked to keep up my skills year round. My muscles were warm and loose as I stepped out, grabbing my towel and heading to the shower, rinsing off the chlorine and wrapping the towel around my slender body as I wrung the water out of my thick hair, heading back into my room. I changed into a pair of sweats and a red tank top, piling the towel on top of my head to dry my hair. I looked over my homework, checking for any mistakes, and correcting the few that I had. After everything was done, I walked into the main room, switching on the tv. I turned on Sherlock Holmes and settled into a plushy black chair and turning my attention to the movie. But I just couldn't keep my attention on it. My thoughts drifted as I looked at the other empty chairs, a painful reminder of my lack of companionship. All I needed was one friend, is that too much to ask for? After about ten minutes of trying to pay attention, I switched off the television. There had to be something better to do.


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