46• A Pact To Never Keep Secrets

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46• A Pact To Never Keep Secrets

MY mom was thrilled when I showed up back at home with Hannah and said that she was going to join us for dinner

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MY mom was thrilled when I showed up back at home with Hannah and said that she was going to join us for dinner. Since I'd told my parents about how Hannah and I were semi-friends now even after her and Jesse's breakup, my mom had been asking me if she would ever meet Hannah. So here we were.

"It's thick pasta night!" My mom exclaimed as she brought out the food to the dining room. "And, of course, garlic bread and salad. So if you don't like pasta, feel free to eat all of the salad. Lord knows Ethan won't have any."

"Yeah, 'cause why would I have a salad when I can just eat more garlic bread?" Ethan said.

My mom rolled her eyes and passed the food around. I served myself a good amount of pasta because it was literally the most delicious thing ever. Whenever my mom made extra thick spaghetti, she would make it by hand. So it was extra amazing. I passed the spaghetti to Hannah questioningly since I wasn't positive she would want more than just salad.

"Do you know how long it's been since I've had legit carbs like this? Hannah asked while she piled noodles and sauce onto her plate. "This looks phe-no-me-nall."

"I hope you enjoy," my mom said.

"And the salad is the only nutritious and healthy item," my dad chimed in, causing both Ethan and I to groan.

"No one cares about nutrition!" We yelled at the same time.

Hannah joined in on our laughter and we all ate thick spaghetti. The entire time, my mom tried not to grill Hannah with questions but asked her a few about cheer and her free time. For the most part, Ethan talked about his new video game and asked Hannah about her favorite video games. Surprisingly, Hannah liked video games. She used to play GTA 5 with her brother (I assumed before things between them went to shit).

After dinner was finished, I cleared the plates and Hannah followed me into the kitchen and sat at the counter while I cleaned off the pasta sauce.

"Your family is goals," Hannah said, twisting in the stool. "Where's your brother? Basketball boy Tyler?"

"Complicated right now," I said. "I'm lucky. My family gets along really well. But at the moment, Tyler is kind of an entire issue."

"What happened?"

I sighed and washed my hands before sitting on top of the kitchen counter. "After I serenaded Jesse and then... kissed him, Tyler got really mad. He's never liked Jesse, and, well, he apparently told Jesse to stay away from me. It was hard for him getting used to our friendship and Tyler absolutely hated the idea of us getting together like we are now."

"So what?" Hannah said. "He just disappeared?"

"For the time being, yeah. He's living with Alexander, which is another thing," I said, shaking my head as I remembered what Jesse and I saw the night of the New Year's Eve festival.

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