It's Another Bonus

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She nodded, shyly. "Mm-hmm. Blue."

"You want the blue one? Okay." He picked her up again, grunting as he realized how heavy she had gotten in the past few months. Walking toward the pool, he excused himself from his friends first, saying, "Duty calls."

"She's absolutely adorable," Rose commented. "Would you ever let her watch Thrones one day?"

"Goodness," Mia responded with a wince. She glanced at Kit, who was nodding in approval, but she did not share the same sentiment. "Maybe when she's eighteen, or older."

"Come on, Mia," Kit began, "You know she's gonna come across all of them sooner than that."

Mia sighed. "And I dread the day."

"Cheers to that," Rose said, grabbing the wine bottle. She poured herself another glass, then filled up Kit's, but when she came to Mia's, she was left aghast.

The glass was still full. Mia's hand was around the stem, but with a weak grip. Makeup was obvious on her face, but the clean rim remained untouched: no lipstick stains, not even as much of a sip taken.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Mia, are you okay?"

"Of course," she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"You're not drinking? This is our favorite bottle."

"I'm not, I..." Mia bit down on her tongue as she looked away, toward her two favorite people in the world.

Richard was settling Eloise back into the group of kids, helping her find someone to play with. Mia couldn't hear him, but she could tell that he was gesturing for Eloise to share her candy with the girl next to her, and that put a smile to her face, one that couldn't hide.

"I can't," Mia said.

"Why? You never—" And Rose froze. Her eyes widened. Her mouth hung open slightly as she looked at Kit, then at Mia, then down at Mia's flat stomach disguised under a loosely-fitted blouse. "Oh my days, are you?"

Mia nodded.

"Is she what?" Kit asked, unaware of the context of the conversation. He had already finished his glass of wine now, taking the bottle away from his wife to replenish.

"When?" Rose breathed, ignoring everything else around her. She was focused on Mia, and the news that was spilling.

"February," Mia answered. Now she couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she remembered the doctor's appointment she had the weekend prior, the one she had scheduled on her own when Richard had been away for an event.

Rose placed a hand over her mouth and began giggling in a way that was both relieved and excited. Ecstatic, over the moon. She clawed into the wood of the chair as she said, "Mia, I'm so happy for you two! You guys have been trying for so long now."

"Oh!" Kit finally said. "I get it now."

Mia nodded. "I know! I thought it was never going to happen again. We couldn't imagine Eloise growing up without a sibling." She lowered her voice, down to a hush. "But um, please don't tell anyone yet. I still haven't told Richard."

"He doesn't know?" Rose said in disbelief. "When are you gonna tell him?"

"Our anniversary. Next week."

"I'm going to cry," Rose warned. "I'm seriously going to cry."

"What's wrong with this one?" Richard asked as he promptly reappeared in the midst of emotions. He took his place next to Mia with a beer in his hand as he continued to pester Rose. "Are you crying?"

"N-no," she sniffled softly. "I'm not crying. Eloise is crying."

"Very funny," Richard said, sarcastically.

"No, I'm serious," Rose emphasized, clearing up her eyes and blinking away strays. She pointed to a playpen at the other side of the yard, where a little girl had fallen on her bum, a cone of blue cotton candy on the ground. "She's crying again."

Richard peered over his shoulder and immediately stood up, but Mia grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"I got it," she said. She excused herself and jogged toward her child, swiftly bending down to tend to any scrapes or cuts. When she didn't find any, she picked Eloise up and held her comfortingly, patting her back as she knew that the pain needed time to subside.

Richard faced away when he saw that his wife had taken care of it, and right when he did, he noticed the wine glass in his peripheral.

"Whose is this?" he asked. "Looks untouched."

"Yours," Rose quickly said. She slid it closer to him. "Yours now."

"Wait, isn't this Mi—"

"Yours. It's yours, mate," Kit insisted. "You're always forgetting things."

"But I—"

"Oh, dear!" Rose exclaimed. "Time to blow out the candles. Come along now." She got to her feet and shuffled about, urging for other adults to join her inside the house. "Cake time!"

Richard shrugged, then whispered to Kit, "Is she really okay?"

Kit chuckled, taking another drink with him. "Better than ever."

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