I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me. 5

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I'm expecting mixed reactions for this chapter lol please please please don't hate me.


A few weeks later and I am twelve weeks pregnant and we are finally settled in to the new house we are sharing together. Zane has found a job, doing exactly what he did to this house. So he's gone through the day and we spend the nights together which is really nice.

Last week Riley came over to visit Zane and I was the one that answered the door, and surprisingly he took it well. Today I'm going to let him come over so we can talk about all of this and hopefully sort it out. I can't help but think that Zane isn't happy about this, he stiffened up when I asked him if it was alright. He said it was fine, but he body language said otherwise. I think it might have something to do with all the time we've spending together. What happens if Riley and I sort things out? Will he move in here with me and Zane or will I move back to the crappy apartment I one shared with Riley. I'm not sure how Zane would react.

But it's probably not going to happen.

When Riley turned up I was surprised, he was on time. Two o'clock on the dot. "Hey." He smiled as I answered the door. He was looking pretty smart. He was wearing some nice pants and a white shirt with a collar. This was not what Riley usually went around in. He looked ... good.

"Hey. Do you have a meeting later?" I asked curiously.

He shook his head. "Nah, just thought it was time for something different." He smiled back at me as pointed at his Italian looking shoes. Wow.

"Trying to impress someone?" I laughed uneasily. Why was he affecting me already? "Come sit down." I said as I lead him to the lounge room where Zane's massive (bigger then mine) TV was hanging on the wall.

"Yeah ..." He trailed off and looked me in the eyes as we sat in front of each other on the couch. "So thanks for letting me come over. How are you feeling?" He asked, he looked at my stomach where I was starting show a tiny bit. He smiled. That's an odd thing to do when you want some one to get an abortion. I'm feeling uneasy. If he tells me he loves me I'm going to crumble. Why did I agree to this when Zane wasn't here. Argh stupid Gabi! I yelled at myself.

"I'm feeling pretty good, I've been happier the last few weeks then I have in a while." I answered after a brief pause, how was I meant to fight him off when he was looking amazing and wasn't being an ass.

"That's good. How far along are you now?"

"I'm twelve weeks." I gulped.

"Wow that passed quick it's already been a month. Gabi I'm sorry about all this I really am. And I've had a lot of time to think about things." He started and bit my lip I knew exactly where it was going, and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing something stupid that I'd probably regret later.

"So how do you feel about things?" I asked carefully.

"I think I'm ready ..." Shit!

"Wow ..." I breathed, some how this made me happy. And I knew that if I was happy I knew that Zane would be happy. "What exactly does that mean Riley?"

"I want to be a family. I know it's gonna take time for you to trust me again but I want to make this work. It's not fair on you or this baby if I'm an ass." He said quietly and I gulped this was it.

"Riley do you actually mean that?" I bit my lip a little harder.

"Yes Gabi I mean it!" He smiled at me and took my hands lacing our fingers together. "I love you."

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