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Neko Neko Nee~

-Nobody's POV-

In this era, freshman get to summon familiars to assist them in battle. After extensive research, scientists discovered that these creatures that children summon reduce stress, and improve intelligence, as well as attitude. Ever since then, familiars have been everywhere in Japan.
Today was the day that the Freshman get to summon their familiars.

First up, Bakugou Katsuki, he volunteered. He made a huge blast and as the smoke disappeared, there was a large cat, almost like a tiger but with a long snout. It approached Katsuki and nuzzles his palm.

"Impressive summon Katsuki. Next up, Midoriya Izuku!"

Izuku jumped up from his seat and as he stood in front of the other freshman class, he looks at his mentor for reassurance. All Might stands not to far away with an eagle perched on his shoulder.

Izuku powers up his quirk and a puff of smoke clouds his vision. As it fades away, a deer creature with a long, cat like tail, and huge antlers towers over Izuku.

"Wonderful! Shinso Hintoshi? Would you like to go next?"

"Yeah... sure..."

"How is he even gonna summon something? His quirk isn't physical.."

"I'm not sure.."

"I bet he's gonna summon a rat!" Some kid yelled.

The others began to laugh and Shinso turns to that kid with a half scowl.
"Could you shut up?"

"You wish!" The kid shouts back. Suddenly, his body becomes tense and his eyes practically lose all color. Once Shinso releases the boy, a puff of white smoke appears next to him.

Once the smoke disappears, a large cat stands next to him. It looks like a cross between a panther and cheetah, having black spots and dark fur.

"Nice." Shinso mumbles, reaching to touch the cat's head. Before he does, there's another puff of smoke and in place of the panther stands a girl, slightly shorter than he with long black hair and (e/c) eyes. She still has her round, cat like ears and long black tail, which swayed back and forth.

"My name is (Y/n)! It's nice to meet you Master!" The girl exclaimed.

"Master...?" Hitoshi mumbled.

"Oh! I'm sorry! This form must be a little shocking, I'll stay like this-" She transformed back into her leopard and sat down before Shinso.

"T-Thank you.. Shinso. You may be seated now."

The indigo haired boy walked down from the stage with his new familiar following him. She sat beside him in a chair and she glanced up at him. He seemed tense.

(Y/n) set her head down on his knee and purred delightfully, rubbing her snout against his pant leg. Shinso looked over, meeting her bright (e/c) eyes. He hesitantly put his rough palm on her head, where he scratched between her ears. (Y/n) closed her eyes and leaned into his hand, causing Hitoshi to softly laugh.

"You are all dismissed! Those of you that didn't summon today, will summon tomorrow!"

Shinso pat (Y/n)'s head and stood up. The panther followed behind him.

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