That One Time We Had a Project

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The rest of the weekend went by as normal. Except the fact that Emma was unusually happy. Even Tony noticed and gave her a weird look whenever she skipped into the kitchen to make cereal on Monday morning. "Why are you so cheery?" He asked suspiciously 

Emma just shrugged her shoulders and ate her cereal. Today she was wearing a blue shirt with a white cardigan and some leggings. Casual but cute. Also she would be lying if she said she didn't take an hour to pick it out. 

Tony ignored it and said goodbye before Happy walked in telling her they had to go. Emma got in the car and looked out the window, enjoying the view of the city. Her mind eventually wandered to her parents. She thought about what they all would be doing right now. The thought slightly dampened her good mood but she shook it off. 

When they arrived to the school she told Happy a quick thanks and rushed inside. The first person she saw was Ned, who was getting books from his locker. "Hey Ned!" She said arriving beside him.

Ned jumped slightly but laughed "Hey Emma, how was your weekend?" he asked

Emma shrugged, "Pretty normal I guess. Where's Pete?" She said distractedly 

Ned raised one eyebrow before pointing behind her. She turned around and saw Peter Parker walking up to the group, an awkward smile on his face. They made eye contact and both looked away quickly as Ned just smirked. 

Soon the bell rang and Emma and Ned went to Geometry. Emma found herself completely unfocused the whole day, her mind going back to her parents more frequently than she liked. She tried to shake off her sad thoughts but she seemed to miss them a little bit extra today. Even during lunch everyone could tell Emma was lost in her thoughts.

When the bell rang signaling the last class of the day, also known as biology, Emma distractedly walked in the class. The class started but she barely payed attention to what was happening. At least until Peter nudged her arm, breaking her out of her trance. 

"Sorry what" She said a little embarrassed

"So where do you wanna get the project done?" Peter asked laughing slightly


Peter laughed again and explained the project they were assigned to do with their lab partner. 

"Oh I'm fine with doing it anywhere" Emma said shrugging

"We can start working on it tonight at my place if you want?"

Emma nodded her head "Ya sounds good to me. Give me your phone." She said holding out her hand.

"W-why?" He asked blushing slightly

"So you can text me directions" Emma said laughing

Peter cleared his throat and nodded "Ya sure here you go" He said handing it to her

She put her number and put her contact in as 'lightning bolt', handing it back to him. 

The rest of the class went by smoothly and Emma was in a much better mood than before. Finally the bell rang and she waved goodbye to Peter, telling him to text her details about tonight. 

She got in the car with Happy and chatted with him the whole drive home. Right when they arrived home she rushed to her room and plopped on her bed, letting out an exhausted sigh. Before she knew it she fell asleep

Soon she woke up to a dinging coming from her phone. Looking at it, she saw she had 3 unread texts from Peter saying,

From: Spiderboy

"Hey I live at 20 Ingram Street btw"

"You can come over around 5 if you want to"

"Or whatever time works for you"

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