kiri regrets everything!

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It was the second day of school for red he hasn't really made any new friends so that was his plan for the day. Red walked into the class right as the bell rang. He was just in time. There was a new chair and seat just for him. Right next to kirishima. This was Reds chance to talk to that boy who sat on the floor for him. Kirishima walks into class wearing RED CROCS!!! Red was highly offended at this disgraceful man. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WEARING MY OWN KIND!!!" "W-WHAT!" Says kiri in shock at how she responded to his brutal actions. Kiri kicked his crocs off for respect. "NO NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" The crocs hit Bakugou in the face. "YO SHITTY HAIR WATCH WERE YOUR THROWING THOSE THINGS,NEXT TIME YOUR DEAD!" Bakugou kicks his feet onto the desk. The day went on like soo but red tried there best to stay away from Kiri the whole day. Kiri was really sad that whole day. Deku sat next to Kiri at lunch. "Hay what's going on you havent talked much at all the past 2 days?" Deku asks Kiri. "I regret every thing i have every done all i wanted to do was to befriend Red but everything went down hill." He says as he chows down some rice. Every one was confused when red talked to every one but Kiri the whole day. "Hay whats up with the still no shoes?" Bakugou Questioned Kiri. Kiri just walked home without answering the question.
(P.S RED GOES BY HE/SHE/THEM so all pronouns)

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