Promise {Kanao T. × Tanjiro K.}

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NSFW (Lemon), no manga spoilers, they're both 18 years old.


That summer afternoon, Tanjiro was returning from a somewhat tiring mission. It had taken longer than expected, so surely Kanao would've been worried about him. He didn't like that his fiancee was getting stressed because of him, so he tried to finish his tasks as soon as possible, but this time it was impossible.

He slid the front door of the house after taking off his shoes, finding the raven-haired girl resting on her butterfly patterned futon. Tanjiro smiled when he saw her, his features relaxing when he heard her slow, calm breathing. However, despite how calm she looked on the outside, he noticed that her essence changed to one full of anxiety and fear. He kneeled down and caressed her snow-white colored cheek, in an attempt to calm her down.

In that very instant, Kanao fluttered her eyes open, she seemed really surprised to see Tanjiro with her. She straightened up, sitting on the futon.
Tanjiro caught some beads of sweat slidding through her nervous face.

"Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?"

His eyebrows were slightly pushed together as he asked, squeezing her hands intenting comfort. Kanao didn't respond, only wraped her arms around him. She felt the water creep out of her violet eyes.

"Stay by my side, please. Don't go away" she pleaded, tightening the hug.

She couldn't lose him, she couldn't affort to lose the light of his life, the first person that filled her life with the most vivid emotions, the person who made her feel alive.

"You're not gonna die. Right, Tanjiro?"

Her words broke him, specially since their work meant uncertainty over their lives. Regardless of that, he wouldn't die if it meant Kanao would be in pain.

"I won't. I promise"

He pulled away from the hug to place a reassuring kiss on her honeyed lips.
Kanao could only focus on how warm and comforting he felt against her mouth, blinding all of her senses in a matter of seconds. They separated to take in some air, Tanjiro slamming their mouths together again desperately. He had missed her too much.

Kanao lost her mind completely when Tanjiro brushed his tongue against her lips, asking for access, to which she glandly complied. He pulled her closer as the kiss deepened, with a passion proper of the user of the Dance of the Fire God. The intense heat of Kanao's cheeks traveled throughout her body, asking for more and more, just as his tongues danced in perfect synchrony.

Finally, Tanjiro turned to her neck, leaving short, wet kisses that filled his beloved with pleasure. She opened her mouth to let out a low moan.

He began running his fingers lightly over her clothes, just to take them off as well as she takes his, leaving the both of them completely exposed to the each other. Kanao's skinny hands settled on her genitals, covering them a little with shame burning her face. Tanjiro took her wrists delicately and, with a sweetness that only he knew how to transmit, pressed his lips against her. To make her feel more safe, to let her know that there was nothing to be ashamed of. 

He ran his hands all over her body, stopping on her breasts to massage them gently. Tanjiro brought his mouth to them, stimulating them with the work that made his wet and hot tongue. Kanao threw her head back with pleasure, enjoying how her partner sucked on her breasts. He proceeded to lick them, but his fingers went beyond her belly button, between her thighs, inserting them inside her. Kanao bit back a moan, but when he pushed his fingers deeper, she let them out, melting at the waves of pleasure that Tanjiro inflicted upon her.

He moved his fingers in circles and in and out of her, to which she clinged to him, burying her fingernails on his back.

"T-Tanjiro..." she cries, turning him on more than he was already. At that point, they were a blushing mess of a couple "I... want you..."

Tanjiro gave her a loving kiss on her forehead, before placing his member in her entrance slowly, trying not to hurt her. She was breathing heavily, unable to content her desire for him any longer. She, too, had missed him.

Kanao's whole body shuddered when Tanjiro plunged his length onto her. A chorus of moans escaping their vocal accords. Their heartbeats were uncontrollable, resonating strongly in their big cages. Their bodies collided with each other, the heat and desire emitting from them.

He began pumping himself in and out of her, first slowly, then he quickened his pace. Tanjiro shut Kanao's loud moans by kissing her, massaging their tongues together lustfully. Her arms tightened around him as her hips came up to meet him, pulling him more deeply inside of her. Kanao cried out as Tanjiro moved inside of her.

"I-I... I can't hold on... anymore!"

"Ah... let's do it... together..." he whispered against her lips.

And with that, they dissolved onto each other. She collapsed on top of him, hearing his heart beat loudly in his chest, a mellow sound that calmed her down. Kanao searched for Tanjiro's hand, intertwining them and lifting her lips upwards forming an angelic smile.

"I won't leave"

Kanao straightened herself to lock eyes with him. The tenderness of his words made her heart jolt once again, knowing that he meant it.

"I'll be by your side, always."


Author's note: I'm not used to writing lemon, but I hope it was enough!

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