100% Perfect Ch.7

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100% Perfect Ch.7

Government Office

            “Thirteen years ago, we made a human. A perfect human. Known as Specimen 422, one of the scientists was listed as her caretaker. Stephanie Davis. The government is now after both Specimen 422 and Stephanie. What the women do not know is that we made another Specimen, 423. 423 is born by the same gene donor. In fact, 423 is 422’s fraternal twin.” Maclean said. Scientists from around the word looked at each other, confused. “Ladies and gentlemen, we present you Specimen 423, otherwise known as Poppy.”

            A young brunette walked in the room, looking much like Bailey did with her hair dyed and contacts in. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and she wore a tight, black spandex suit. “Hello Poppy.” Maclean said. Poppy looked at MacLean with her inhuman beauty and simply said “Hello.” “Poppy, would you like to show the scientists your powers?” Poppy nodded. “Come.” MacLean said, and he led them to the training room.

            Poppy stared at the target. Waiting for the cue, she drew back her arrow. After a short whistle blow, she shot. Bull’s-eye. She knocked another arrow. This went on for several minutes, each time landing the arrow straight into the center of the target. “Stop.” MacLean said, and Poppy then hung her bow back up. “Speed test.” Poppy immediately began to run around the gymnasium at speeds faster than a cheetah. Then the flexibility test came. Poppy did somersaults, splits, everything better than an Olympic gymnast. The scientists were amazed, never taking their eyes off the thirteen year old. “Now, for the grand finale.” Poppy walked over to a line of weights, set according to their weight. She rose out her hand, and then lifted the weights off the ground one by one until none touched the floor, all with her thoughts. The scientists gasped. Poppy set the weights down. Training was over.

Poppy’s POV 

            I sat down on my sterile white bed and sighed. Another day had come and gone. At least today I wasn’t prodded with freaking long needles and poked with searing hot sticks to see what I could endure. Bailey was lucky to not be here. I looked at the picture on the end table by my bed. Bailey and I together, just babies Even then you could see we were opposites. She had crystalline blue eyes and fuzzy blonde hair, and I had light caramel eyes and dark chocolate hair. It was a wonder how we were twins. Still perfect though. Now everything was different. Ever since I turned ten and Bailey didn’t come back I’ve been trained to kill her. Do you know what that’s like? To go through everyday knowing the day the Government finds your sister is the day your going to have to kill her? My heart clenched.


            It was my tenth birthday. I was going to see Bailey again today! The excitement of that took away the sorrow of the fact I was leaving my ‘family’. My mom and my dad. My little brother Jimmy. I had to leave them the night before. They all cried. I cried. I wasn’t going to see them, ever again. But I would have my sister, my biological twin sister. I set my backpack down and took out the pictures of my family, my childhood, and the one of me and Bailey. I opened the drawer if the end table and set them in there. Then I put my clothes in the dresser, tucking my backpack beneath my bed. And I waited. And waited. Staring at the other bed, the other end table, and the other dresser, all on the other side of the room. Bailey’s side. Why wasn’t she here yet? Hours went by. Still no Bailey. I began to worry. I had already lost my family. Now I’m confined in a room of which my sister should be in? Tears streamed down my face.

**End of Flashback**

            I sat on my bed, still staring at the other side of the room. Exactly like mine. But unlike mine, it would probably never be occupied. My sister would never come. And she was lucky. She wouldn’t have to train. She wouldn’t have to be tormented by tests of endurance. She wouldn't be forced to show no emotion in front of others.She’s probably laughing and having fun right now, wherever she is. But at least she’s happy. I clenched my jaw at the thought of having to kill her someday. “No, that’s not today. It’s not tomorrow. You won’t kill her Poppy, you won’t.” I said to myself. But I’ll have to. I’ll have to kill Bailey.

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