Blood In the Streets

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We didn't make it to the bedroom. Clothes lay strewn from the wooded floor of the entryway of the newly painted pale yellow home to the plush carpet of the small living room.

The next thing I knew I had Charlie pinned beneath me, savoring the soft skin of her breasts, nipples, shoulders and wherever else I reached. She moaned, gripped my hair and arched her back to push her small body into mine.

I lost all sense of reality. My canines slipped from their sheaths, accidentally raking over her nipple.

"Ow!" She yelped.

I pulled away, aware of the puzzlement in those gorgeous eyes of hers. "Sorry, sorry. I know, sometimes I get a little riled up. Didn't mean to hurt you."

Mumbled chuckling emitted from her as she reached for my face. I met her hand with an eager cheek, nuzzling into the safety of her warmth. Her thin fingers intertwined in the chocolate strands of my hair, pulling my lips down to hers.

A month ago, my life changed forever. I became something inhuman, requiring blood to sustain me. It wasn't by choice since I'd been buried alive and brutally murdered at the hands of a sadistic vampire with an attraction.

She'd killed three people and I'd been asked by the lieutenant of the police department to help solve the case. It landed me in the midst of the mobster side of Chicago which led to my discovering I'd been the target of an ambitious boss. Killing me proved to be a show of power and warning to anyone who dared to oppose her. Lucky me.

I hadn't gained control over many of my abilities or how heightened emotions affected things like my canines.

"Just easy with the biting. Not sure why but your teeth feel like razors sometimes." She laughed and we resumed our love-making.

If only she knew. If only I could tell her the truth about what happened to me. Many times I thought about throwing away caution and telling her anyway. Questions of whether or not she'd accept me stopped any attempt I wanted to make in its tracks.

Holding her, I leaned into her neck, inhaling the scent of the crimson life force under her skin. Whispers of blood ran through her veins, accompanied by the flutter of her quickened pulse.

I'd gotten close enough to cut into her when the shrill ringing of the phone jarred me. Dammit. Really?

"I should probably get that." Charlie mused with a sigh.

"Yeah. You should." I let her up, slapping her on the rump as she strolled by.

With a final wink, she answered. "Hello? Oh, hi Mason." Charlie glanced at me, her eyes sunk.

Oh for God's sake. I shook my head and threw up my hands, letting them drop. Is it too much to ask for going a single night without someone buying it?

The change didn't allow me to continue my job as the Assistant District Attorney but thankfully -after we helped them solve three murders - the police kept Mason and I on as consultants when they needed us.

On the side, Mason served as something I had no definition for and debated on if I wanted to know. We went into a partnership where I helped him with odd cases and received some of the payment for it. Other times he went alone for days and nights on end where I wouldn't see him despite our sharing an apartment/office building.

New Year's I promised Charlie we'd spend the night together, hence what went on before Mason deemed to make me a liar.

"He's right here. Would you like to talk to him?" Charlie continued.

I raised a brow, waving my hands back and forth in a "I'm not interested" motion. Charlie shrugged, mouthing "He says it's important" to which I mouthed "I don't care."

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