8 - I Love you Mom

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watch the video it would make you laugh your ass off.

Mia P.O.V.


I woke up the next morning with Christopher's hand over my stomach and his head between my shoulder and my neck. I could feel him lightly snoring and not making  a lot of noise. I tried to move my body a little bit and his arm went tighter against my body as he snuggled closer to me.

I remember when I went to high school, I had a sleep over with one of my good friends Rachel. We were sleeping late that day but we weren't late to get to school. We were late getting to our classroom because we were discussing the party that we went to last weekend with our other group of friends.

The teacher was so rude to us about the whole thing. It was just one minute, plus its photography not math.

What was her name again? Oh yes, Mrs. Fitch. But I called her Mrs. Bitch in my head.

She would always held our class after the bell and when we would complain she would give us that stupid ass speech of 'the teacher dismisses the class not the bell'.

Sometimes I really wanted to say, "If the bell doesn't dismiss me, then the bell doesn't decide when I arrive...case closed."

 I felt Christopher stir in his sleep, I looked down at his closed eyelids and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Morning" he murmured grabbing my even closer to him.

"Morning, I see you're having a good sleep."

He chuckled kissing my neck, "You have no idea." He leaned back a little bit on his back and placed my head against his naked chest.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked tracing his abs.


"I want to know more about the gang."

"Hmmm, well I'm the leader of the De Rege fan as you know. I've been a leader since I was 22 years old. So about four years now. I have about 300 people in the gang but people always join, I just have to be careful who I choose. Andre and Jackson are both brothers that have been in a gang as long as I did. Andre is 2nd in charge and Jackson is the 3rd. Donati gang is probably one of the top gangs in the world that you don't want to associate with. Their leader in Keith and he's a very dangerous man. No one knows how many he has killed. His tamper is so crazy, he belongs in some metal institute. It's difficult for the cops to catch him because he's very sneaky."

"What do you know about Tom?"

He smiled, "Tom is a great man, the best gang leader anyone would want. He knows what he's doing and what needs to be done before bad stuff starts happening. He was my fathers best friend, he taught me everything he knew since I was 12."

"Is that when you joined the gang?"

"I joined when I was 14, but before that I was behind the shadows lurking and learning things from other members."

"How many people have you killed?" I asked gulping trying to calm down my heartbeat.

He tickled my sides and I giggled, "I bet you are working for the FBI."

I pushed him away from me laughing, "Don't worry I wont tell them anything."

He kissed my forehead, "Right, I'm sure it's easy for them to get information out of you."

"Nope, I'm quiet like a mouse."

He smiled down at me, "Mouses leave quite a lot of evidence." after he pocked my nose he got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom to take a shower. As he was taking the show I decided to call my parents. Quickly I got up from the bed and grabbed my phone. I unlocked it and pressed me mothers name.

"Hello honey, how are you?" my mom said in her excited voice.

"I'm good, you?"

"Amazing, we're in Italy having dinner. How's your job so far? Any problems?"

"Of course not, everything is perfect. I really like it."

"Well alright then, oh....we have to go  the restaurant is closing. I will call you later?"

"Sure, by mom. Tell dad I said hi."

"I will. Bye." She hung up and I placed my phone back on top of the desk. I went towards the kitchen and grabbed myself an orange juice. I didn't really feel like having breakfast right now.

"Hey, you not hungry?" Christopher said running a white towel through his hair picking up any water drops.

"No not yet, I'll probably make something later. Are you going out?"

"No, I"ll just go to the garage to fix something in my car. My engine is getting fucked up, Ima go look at it. Want to join?" he winked.

I smiled feeling my cheeks heat up, "No I'll just watch my TV."

He nodded and walked towards the garage door. As I heard Christopher turn on his car and turn off again I relaxed against the couch and stretched out my legs. I wonder if there are any good movies out right now. Maybe Chris would want to watch something, or is he not into that. I bet since he is in a gang he's not into that lovy dovy crap.

I saw something move in the kitchen and I sat up. What the hell was that? My heartbeat accelerated and I felt the sweat form on my forehead. I saw a shadow on the kitchen wall and I knew it wasn't Christopher. Is someone breaking in into his house, other gang member, or does he have a pet that he did not tell me about. I quietly got up and walked towards the kitchen. As I entered through the doorway someone grabbed onto my neck and I felt something go against my mouth.

I tried to fight the person but I realized that my eyes were slowly closing, "Make a sound and you're dead." a deep voice said. And that was the last thing I have heard before I blacked out.

I wake up from my hands starting to hurt, slowly I open my heavy eyelids and looked around. I'm in a chair with hands and legs tightened with a rope. There is a light hanging above me and everything ahead of me is a dark tunnel.

Oh great this is some type of a Hollywood movie.

Footsteps filled my senses and I saw a dark shadow step out of the corner. He was bold, definitely over 6ft tall, he had a little bit of a stomach and for his age I would say he was 30.

"Look, the princessa woke up. Took you some time."

I groaned swallowing some spit because my throat was as dry as the Sahara dessert, "Who are you?"

"I'm someone everyone wants, wanna guess my name?"

"Robert?" I questioned him. I have no time for his stupid games, why can't he just cut to the chase. I'm hungry, sore, and I want to see Christopher. He's probably trying to find me, or he might have drugged me and now I"m going to die. Stupid Mia, I should have never talked to that asshole.

"I'm my dear princessa is Keith. Nice to meet you." he said extending his hand and giving me a creepy smile that made me shiver.

I should have told my mom I loved her before I hung up the phone.


*peeks out from the bed sheets* umm soo uuuugh hi? Nice to meet you? How you been? Hows family? Kids? Good? GOOD.

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