Born Immortal Chapter 23

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Astyr woke up Saturday morning anxious about what to expect that day. Her grandmother was sending two people, well two Alfar people, to come live here and teach Astyr about the ways of her mother's people and to find out just how closely related she was to them. She was very nervous about this meeting because her only other contact with them had been when her grandmother had tried to kill her and everything she had heard about them made her think that they weren't the friendliest of beings.

She gave a frown about that and told herself not to be prejudiced against them. It wasn't like her grandmother had no reason to be upset about losing her daughter. Maybe the fact that she was angry proved that she had emotions after all. Astyr continued her internal dialogue by reminding herself that she would be stuck living with these two for the next two and a half years so she should try really hard not to give them a reason to make her life harder than it had to be.

She got up and took a shower and after dressing casually in some jeans and a comfortable hoodie she went down the back stairs to the kitchen. There was a lively conversation already in full swing as everybody tried to find out as much as they could from Frey about the expected new arrivals and Frey was doing his best to answer questions coming from all sides.

"Before I left," he was saying to Grima, "Queen Elianna had decided on only one of them. Her name is Laure and she is widely respected as a teacher amongst the Alfar. She's not royal, but she has worked for years teaching their children. I've met her and she is very intelligent. You should get along with her well, Grima."

Grima answered him, "Well, that's good, but do you have any idea of who she might choose to send with her?"

Frey sighed and shook his head. "I don't know but I did get the impression that she was planning to send someone who was trained as a warrior. She doesn't just want Astyr tested and taught, she wants her protected and guarded as well."

Hakon broke in at this point. "We're doing just fine with protecting her so I guess whoever she sends won't have that much to do."

"Queen Elianna doesn't just want her protected from humans, Hakon." Frey admonished him. "She also wants to prevent history from repeating itself."

Astyr's jaw dropped open in surprise and she couldn't stop herself from exclaiming. "So what, she's sending someone to keep everyone away from me until she marries me off to someone she likes!"

Everyone made sympathetic murmurs but nobody offered a denial to her statement. "She can't do that!" Astyr went on. "She has no right to tell me what I can and can't do with my life. If it was up to her, I wouldn't even be alive now!" She was working herself up into a rare tantrum and Grima reached over to pat her arm and try to calm her down.

"Don't you worry, dear." Grima said. "We'll do our best to negate Queen Elianna's influence here as much as possible. All you need to do is concentrate on having as normal a life as you can for now."

Astyr just shook her head and kept her gaze on her hands in front of her on the table. "And how on earth am I supposed to have a normal life? There hasn't been anything resembling normal for me ever since I came here."

There were a few kind glances sent her way but Tyr spoke to her sharply. "No, Astyr, it was the rest of your life that was not normal. You are not human and what you are facing now may seem overwhelming but it is important that you understand that no matter what happens with your grandmother you are a very special person.  You may have more obstacles in your path than most people, but you are destined for big things and we are all trying to help you to be prepared. You may feel like this is unfair, but at least you are not alone anymore."

Astyr was saved from breaking down in front of everyone by the doorbell ringing. Frey got up and went to answer the door and everyone else waited patiently for him to bring the new houseguests in. When he brought them into the kitchen, everybody stood to welcome them and be introduced.

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