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You stared at the huge building in front of you, at the top of the building has a fancy bold letters of the name 'Ubayashiki Academy'. Students passed by you doing their own business ㅡ unless they do then you won't mind punching them and mind their own sh*t.

You walked inside and your sight was greeted with elegant structures, God knows how your mom enrolled you in a rich academy. You look around for Tanjiro-kun and Nezuko-chan, the twins seem to forgot that you're also attending the same academy as them.

"Excuse me ms, do you perhaps need my flamboyant help?"

A voice offered, you turn around and saw a tall, muscular, and handsome white-haired guy, His red eyes softly pierced on your [color] eyes, and holy sh*t he be lookin' so fine bro, but of course you still kept an unfazed look.


You almost rose an eyebrow at the word. "Y-yes sir, I'm new here..." you replied shyly and fiddle my fingers, cursing at your shyness, but trust me, [name] is the type of protagonist that tends to be friendly-looking and shy when first met, but is an absolute crackhead and a total b*tch when your close with her.

"I see! You're the new flamboyant student everyone is talking about! Follow me! (And i shall lead da waeㅡ ok I'll stop, for now)"

Is he gonna add the word 'Flamboyant' everytime he speaks?

Then again, you dropped a sweat, and continued following him. "I'm Uzui Tengen, just call me Sir Tengenㅡ" He didn't look back while introducing, not only his front is attractive but his back also.

At least he didn't add the word 'Flamboyant' thereㅡ

"ㅡ Perhaps may I know your Flamboyant name?"

Ok (boomer) nevermind.

He added. "[Last name] [First name], Sir Tengen." You introduced. "We're here at the principal's Flamboyant office." He said as he glanced at you with a serious look on his face before knocking at the huge massive, elegant twin door. A lady with professional clothes and her hair tied in a bun opened the door and greeted us with a smile "Good Morning Sir Tengen, is there anything you need?" The lady looked at the hot white-haired man with a smile, and didn't even bother to look at me, geezd

You have some attitude sis.

You huff silently. Sir Tengen pointed at you as the lady looked at you ㅡ this b*tch finally paid attention to me, lmao ㅡ "If I'm not mistaken, are you [Name] [Last name], the new student?" The lady asks you, to which you nod in rey. "The principal informed me of your arrival here, Ms. [Last name]" The lady said as she gestures us to go inside "Good morning Tengen Uzui, [Last Name] [First Name]" A man with short, black hair, eyes that you can stare for a long time (he is blind). He sat on a chair (like that chair u would find on an office, if u get wat i mean), a table in front of him with a golden name plate that says 'Ubayashiki Kagaya'

"As you can see on my name plate, my name is Ubayashiki Kagaya. It's please to meet you [Last Name] [First Name]"

The principal said with a small, gentle smile plastered on his face. After a few seconds, I realized you didn't replied "A-ah! It's also nice to meet you p-principal Ubayashiki!" You smile bashfully with a hue of pink on my cheeks as I bow down, like he looks so pretty but too bad he's got a ring, but that won't stop me from simping. The flAmBoYaNT teacher and the principal quietly chuckled at your behavior. "Since you're new here at the Academy, I'll give you the schedule, the number and the key of your locker" The principal said as he made some hand gestures to the secretary.

"Here is your schedule, the number and the key of the locker Ms. [Last name]."

The lady kindly said as she gave me a piece of crap ㅡ just jokingㅡ the schedule, the key and another piece of small paper. You gladly accepted it and read the small paper

[three digits]? Well, not a pretty hard number to rememberㅡ

The sound of the bell rang throughout the school. "It seems that our conversation has ended." The principal said with a small, unnoticeable frown plastered on his face, you could say that he likes meeting new students and would like to know more about them. The hot teacher beside nodded in agreement as he made his way towards the door "Well, it is my flamboyant cue to leave, principal. It's nice to meet you Ms. [Last name]." Then, walked put of the room. You stared at the door only for a few seconds, coming to my senses, I bid a goodbye towards the principal and the secretary and walked out of the office as you look at the schedule on my hand.

10-A? That's my class? I guess I gotta hurry before I'll get late. Maybe I'll see Shoto or Deku there, if I could I'd definitely give them all the affection they need.

You thought and walk through what it seems an endless hallway, looking for my classroom.

Did [name] finally has another love interest? Sorry btch but this ain't like love at first sight 😳. It will definitely take time for tengen to realize he needs another hoe-- girlfriend in his life. but don't worry you'll get stress bc our [name] will be dense af of their feelings for her 😩👊. Also, i guess the next chapter will be realllyyyy longg.

i hope you guys have a merry christmas!! See you next year? Or will be?

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