Just one!(Raihan)

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So this is a Raihan x Camera shy male Reader(you will be short) and it was requested by Lyedarh

You've been friends with Leon and Raihan since you guys were kids. Even then you were camera shy. Back then Raihan wasn't a huge fan of photos himself but that changed as he got older. Anyways, today you were spending the night at his house, and you wore a Garchomp onesie that your mom gave you. You have a Garchomp named Scarlet, and she's very sweet and protective. She gets along with Raihan of course because he's well known to be the great gym leader, Raihan the Tamer of Dragons. Which sounds so dorky! You'd joke about it a lot with him, which you'd always get a reaction."Hey Dragon tamer~"You chimed.Raihan groaned."Y/N I've told you to stop calling me that!"He said looking at you, he then went wide eyes. He became flustered, and he stuttered out,"W-W-What are you w-wearing!?"The tall male asked."A onesie my mom gave me when I visited her!"you said giggling at his face. When you looked back at him he had his phone out facing you, you quickly crouched down behind the couch so he didn't take a photo of you."Aaaw! Come one just one!"Raihan whined. "N-No!"You squeaked still hiding.Raihan was confused on why she seemed so shy. He then remembered back then."Are you still camera shy?"He asked. "M-M-Maybe-"You said.You got back up seeing he wasn't in the couch, but you were then hugged from behind."THATS SO CUTE!"The dorky male said."EEEP!"You squeaked. You were token back by the sudden hug. He used to do that all the time to you, and he still does. You then notice the his rotom phone and you quick blocked the rotom's view of you. You got out of the dork's grip and ran into the guest bed room hiding in the balcony. There were 2 doors and you forgot to watch one of them. You quickly turned around to see the tall male you tired to run but he pulled you back kissing you on the lips. Your face went redder then a tomato, but even though you were a shy boy you kissed back. After a bit he broke the kiss then kissed you on the cheek taking the photo."ahahaha!I got the photo."Raihan cheered. You were a short boy who was a blushing mess who was stunned by the sudden action. You snapped back into your senses."H-Hey! D-delete the picture!!!"You squeaked trying to reach for Raihan for his phone which he had in his hands. He put his hand up out of your reach. When you tried reaching it and was getting as close as you could you,"G-G-Give it!" You said he responded with an,"Ok.". Then he kissed you- AGAIN! You kissed back."I love you Y/N~"Raihan said as he picked you up bridle style, you respond with,"I-I-I l-l-love you t-to!"You squeaked and he then walked to his room setting you down on the bed. He laid down bringing you with him, he cuddled you, and then you both fell asleep peacefully, and happy.

Hello! It's Yukio Kun! I hope you all enjoyed this! I tried my best. I'm not used to writing one shots.(580 words!)

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