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"Why is Yugyeom giving you flowers again? Is he not okay with Jungkook and he's pissing him off again?" Momo asked Dahyun.

"No, it's just a gift." Dahyun said.


"Let's just have our practice." Dahyun grinned and played the music.


BTS got back from the filming of bon voyage. They all went to different destinations to continue their vacation, Jin wants to surprise Dahyun and she didn't tell her he's back.

He called Jungyeon to ask where is Dahyun.

"Uh, sunbaenim."

"Hello, Jungyeon. Where are you? I mean TWICE?"

"Ah, we just got home in the dorm. And Dahyun is going to your apartment."

"She's on her way?"

"Yes, sunbae."

"Oh, good. Thank you, Jungyeon-ah." Jin hang up. He sat on the living room waiting for Dahyun, she's still not coming home.


After TWICE finished their practice, Dahyun told them that she's going home to the apartment. As she's going out of JYP, a car was parked in front and she got startled when it beeped.

"Omo!" She stopped from walking and the door of the car opened. And Jimin went out. "Sunbae???"

Jimin smiled at her.

"You're back, it means Jin oppa's going home?" Jimin nodded to her.

"Before you go home, may I ask you to have dinner with me?" He asked.


It's not in a fancy restaurant, expensive food, formal dining, he wants to take her to where she's comfortable, eating streetfoods at night.

"I am surprised you are going to this kind of place to eat not pricey, but tasty food." Dahyun smiled while eating rice cake.

"Nothing, I'm tired of eating at a fancy restaurant." Jimin looked at her and she's grinning at him while gesturing 'Fancy' which is their song. Jimin chuckled and looked away. "This is a nice place. It's like you're walking and eating like a normal person, no one approaches you asking for your autograph, wanting to take selfies with you. Like we're normal people."

"We are normal, what? Are you abnormal, sunbae? What's wrong with you? In your body? What's not normal?" Dahyun ate the rice cakes and checked Jimin's face and walked around him. Jimin laughed.

"Stop it, really. You're corny." Jimin said.

"Corny? But I can't see your eyes now, look how much I made you smile. You're not like that when you faced me earlier, you don't look tired now." Dahyun gave him a stick of barbecue.

"Want a drink?" She asked.

"You drinking?" Dahyun chuckled.

"Sometimes, but I am not alcoholic or what you're thinking about me when I offered you to drink, huh? I'm a good girl." Dahyun ate her barbecue, and her cheeks got bigger because her mouth is full. "Hmm." She closed her eyes, chewing. "This really taste good." Jimin stared at her. "Eat up, you're on a diet?" Dahyun looked at him.

"No." Jimin took a bite of what Dahyun gave him.

After eating, they went for a walk to digest the food they ate.

"It's really fun walking like this, no people will bother you." Dahyun took a deep breath.

"But you're scared in the dark." Dahyun stopped from walking, Jimin did the same.

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