Chapter 2

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Elena's POV

Saturday is here!!!

Never have I been so happy on a Saturday before, I've had a smile pasted on my face since I woke up. And my smile is only getting wider as I drive over to Abby's house because that's where we agreed to meet.

Even though I think it's absurd because José is the one with all the needed makeup but I'm not gonna argue with them, all I wanna do this night is celebrate.

I pullover in front of Abby's place and see that Jojo is already here.

I quickly grab my dress and my heels in the backseat of my car. And I make my way in without even knocking.

The living room is empty so I make my way upstairs to her room and I can immediately hear Jojo shrieking inside.

I open and the door and I see Jojo doing Abby's makeup.

Now that's new.

"Hey!" I drag out, to get there attention and I immediately regret it because Abby turns to look at me and Jojo ends up poking her in the eye with the eyeliner.

"What the hell José!" Abby basically cries out.

"What? I didn't tell you to look. You know the saying" Jose says whilst grabbing wipes

"What saying?" I say looking as confused as Abby, but she refrains from saying anything. And that causes me to giggle and she gives me a death glare that makes me go serious.

"You know, that saying about a cat dying because of curiosity." she says while shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh, okay?" I say, unsure of what to say.

"I did not die" Abby retaliates

"Yah, but you were harmed, so that counts. Right?"

"Okay... Jojo could you please finish up Abby's makeup so u can do mines as well?" I interrupt trying to prevent an argument from starting between those two.

"Sure" she says smiling and continues with Abby's makeup.

I sit on the bed, placing my dress and shoes on the bed as well.

"What's in the bag?" Abby says, staring at me from the mirror.

"Just my dress and my shoes." I reply smiling

"Oooh dress, lemme see." Jojo stops with Abby's makeup and looks up at me.

"Sure." I say while taking the dress out.

"You wanna wear that, to a club?" Abby is the first to speak up, while eyeing the floral midi dress that I'd brought and taken out the bag.

"Sure. Why not? Isn't it 'clubbish' enough?" I query back

"Uhh... I don't know babe, but thank the heavens that  I'd already done some shopping for you." Jose comes closer to me and grabs a bag on the bedside table.

"How's this? Isn't it cute?" she asks with a hopeful smile, holding out a blue denim skirt and a black tube top.

The skirt and top is lovely. But I just couldn't wear it. I mean, my thighs are really big and I'd be uncomfortable with the stares that I'd be getting from people and I'd be more worried about covering myself than dancing and having fun.

But why am I worried when I'm sure that no one will even be looking be at me and will be busy with themselves, and tonight is all about me celebrating my new job, I shouldn't have to worry about what other will say or think.

"You know what? I'll wear it." I say. This night is the one night where I choose to forget my insecurities and just celebrate, so why not?

"Yes! I knew you'd love it." Jojo exclaims, as she goes back to Abby.


After finishing up Abby's makeup, Jojo started with me while Abby dressed up.

She wore a sleeveless black bodysuit that had a lace fabric in the space between her boobs, which made it impossible for her to wear a bra. Along with some acid wash blue high-waisted jeans that she folded at the bottom and paired it with cute black sandal like heels.

Jojo finished up with my natural makeup and left me to deal with my huge mess of a bush baby called hair. I decided to leave it as it was because I'd had it in knots earlier on.

Abby had done a high puff with her, which looks amazing, but I don't have the energy to go through my hair so the curls will do.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I actually liked who I was seeing. I look cute, but noticed that I forgot ear rings so I put on my hoops and it tied the look together.  I glare at my exposed thighs before looking away, knowing there nothing I can do about it.

I looked over at Abby as she put on some necklaces and couldn't help but admire her. Her skin was much lighter than mines and kinda glowed at times. But what I did love about her was her body. Not too big, nor too small.

I looked at Jojo and saw that she was ready as well. She had settled for a thin strapped navy blue body con dress that stopped at her mid thighs. She looked gorgeous, with her midnight black hair straight and in a pony with her edges fleeking.

"So everyone's ready. We're going in Abby's car since she knows where this club is. Right Abb?" Jojo starts

Abby nods saying, "Yah, it's one of my boss's clubs and since I work in his company I get free drinks, so it's like us going for free."

I laughed at her ending, "Okay then. Let's get this show on the road." I say and proceed to the bedroom door, but Jojo stops me.

"Okay, before we go, there has to be at least one of us that's sober enough to drive us back, in case one of us finds a guy then let's be sure to let each other know. Anything else?"  she questions

I just shrug, grabbing my bag and making sure my phone and all other necessary things I need are inside.


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