39. A beautiful dream

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Nothing is more innocent in this world than a baby in a deep slumber. The innocence his face radiates is beyond words. It gives peace to an aching heart and a smile on lips that don't know what smile is. Shivaay looked like that innocent baby.

His head had a dressing with a slight red patch on it near his temple region. His right arm was plastered, his hair were messed up. But even in this messed up state she found him handsome.

With small, baby steps she approached him and sat on the small stool beside his hospital bed. Her hand found its way to his hair on its own accord. She was trying to assure herself that it wasn't a dream. She wanted to assure her restless heart that he was safe and infront of her.

"He looks so innocent while sleeping. Who would say this man makes everyone dance to his tunes." She giggled at her thoughts but she wasn't happy. Her tears were the manifestation of the pain she was enduring seeing him laying so lifeless.

She wanted him to get up and scold and shout at everyone around her. She wanted to look into his eyes and see in them the care he has for her, the useless care that led him to this hospital bed. She wanted to scold him for his stupidity. He could've died because of his foolishness, she wanted to tell him that.

"You know what ? You're looking like a baby who is sleeping without any worries. Why won't you sleep ? Afterall, I'm here to bear all the tension for you. You are doing all this for your so called revenge. It's my punishment for misunderstanding you right ?" Anika whispered as she caressed his raven locks with her fingers. She didn't realise how close she was to him with her nose almost touching his nose. She didn't realise she was crying until her tears blurred her vision of his innocent face.

"Usually you don't let anything go against your favours, then why didn't you stop me from going against you and always blabbering rubbish about you ? Why did you tolerate my nonsense behavior ?" She asked while clutching his hospital uniform's collar in her fist, but as softly as one would hold a feather.

"Why are you not answering me ? Now would you like Khanna bhaiya to answer my questions ?" She asked him with a frown on her face as if he was hearing and seeing everything. But her eyes lost the anger they had in them and her face softened.

"You look good when scolding, shouting and ruling everyone like a king, not here. I don't want to see you like this. I like to see you in you usual tadibaaz style. Please wake up." She sobbed and rested her forehead on his chest while her hands still fisting his hospital uniform.


His eyelids felt heavy as he tried to open them. The light falling on them made it even more difficult for him to adjust his vision. His brain was asking him to close his eyes but he wanted to wake up. Although the dream he had seen a few minutes ago was beautiful but he didn't want to give false hopes to his heart so it was better to wake up.

How could she be with him and then say all those things to him when he had given her nothing but betrayal and lies ? He wanted to get up but the weight on his chest prevented him from moving.

The first thing he saw after opening his eyes were those silky black locks that were unmistakable for him. That mild but captivating fragrance he inhaled, he knew, belonged to his Sweebit. But again, how was it possible ?

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