Chapter Twenty-Five: Locked

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"No, no, no! Get me out of here Leo!" I screamed as he pushed me inside and closed the door behind him. I pounded on the door, trying to break the door open like I'm some big-buff guy that could just punch this door open without any difficulty. But I knew better than that. After pounding on the door and screaming death threats, I finally stopped.

I crawled to my bed and lay down on the soft pillows. My hands hurt, and it was red from all the pounding on the door. My throat was even dry from all that screaming. A big sigh escaped from my mouth and I slowly closed my eyes, enhanced by the relaxation I was feeling from the silence and peacefulness.

And just before I knew it I heard someone knocking on the door. I opened my eyes and got up from the bed. "What the hell do you want!" I screamed and went over to the desk that had a beautiful vase on it. Too bad I have to break it though. When no one answered my call, the door unlocked and someone stepped inside as I threw the vase that was in my hands to that person who was trespassing.

The vase broke into pieces of fragments and one shard landed in front of my feet. I picked up the sharp fragment of the vase and made-do with my weaponry. It was better than nothing. As the person stepped inside, my heart slowed down. It was only Vien who entered the room. I dropped my hand and slipped the fragment inside my pocket casually. "H-hello.." I spoked softly. She stared at me and there was nothing but pure silence for what felt like a full minute that had passed by.

Finally after itching for something to happen, she finally stepped forward once again with a glass that was filled with water. "Sir Leo have brought some water for you to drink. goodbye." she placed down the glass of water in a hurry and turned to leave. I quickened my phase and held onto her shoulder. "Hey Vien, wait." I spoke once again.

She turned to me in a blissful manner, shrugging my hand away from her shoulder that was cold. It felt like metal under her cloth of unusual attire. "Yes?" she asked while avoiding any eye contact with my own. It made me want to step back from the growl that she tried to cover with her composed manner, though she only tried.

I was lost at thoughts and didn't know what else to say and just gave her a small smile and said thank you. She nod her head and turned to leave. I let out a big sigh as I heard that click of the door, meaning that I was locked in this spacious room once again. It annoyed me, to hear that sound over ad over again. And I hate the fact that Leo thinks I could just be dragged up here and be a good girl and said all prettily until he comes here and I beg for his forgiveness like I once did before. But not anymore.

I looked at the portrait above my bed, a portrait of a imaginary family that Leo wants. Seeing it makes me want to puke every time, and it still do gets on my nerves. I took out the sharp fragment from pockets and began slicing the portrait, putting a big X on it. I looked at my art and it made me put a smile on my face like I just did something magnificent, which in my case it is.

I threw the sharp fragment through the window and in by some miracle, it broke as the glass shattered everywhere. It was my time to run, and I didn't waste any time to think. I ran over the window and saw the men in black outside alerting other people through their speaker.

Just then, the French doors of my balcony was shot. It wasn't a miracle, it was another ambush by them. They came back for me. I could hear many running footsteps coming towards my door, and I knew better than to let time past. I smiled as I saw a figure jumping inside the balcony as I ran towards him.

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