Part 2- Too Observative

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If I remembered nothing else from the night, it would be one thing that stuck in my mind.

Violet could dance. Once she found her rhythm, it was all over for me. Her hips moved beneath my hands like water. Her fingers roamed over my chest and shoulders maddeningly. When she spun, I could smell her honeysuckle shampoo. And when she pressed her back to me and slid down, I thought my dick would rip through my pants. She spun back to me at the end of the third song with a slight smile.

"I love this song," she said, and I raised an eyebrow.

"I think I love this song too now," I teased. I watched her blush spread from her chest to her face and almost laughed. For someone so shamelessly sexy, she really lit up with any sort of compliment.

"How did you manage to make this place so the music is loud as hell, but we can still hear each other without completely screaming?" she asked, still swaying to the beat. We were close now, almost chest to chest. I wanted her closer.

"Italian ingenuity, mia Viola." Why the hell had I started calling her that? I never gave nicknames. But she deserved one.

"Why'd you let us in?"

Why us specifically, she meant, but was too shy to say it.

"You caught my eye," I admitted. "I check the lines for safety when I visit, and to see what kind of people are attending my clubs. I saw you across the street, and was just going to pass by when I heard your remarkable sales pitch."

"Cadence thought it would piss you off," she said, no longer trying to hide her grin. I liked it better that way. Her smile was incredible.

"It would some. But I enjoyed it. You're unique." You're incredible. I debated just heading back down to the bar and being done with it then. I felt way too drawn to this girl for only an hour of knowing her. But my mind kept circling back to her going to school in Chicago for some reason. I didn't date. I didn't date. I had to remember that.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Violet asked, focusing me back on the situation. Her open, curious gaze drew me back in completely, and I found myself pulling her closer.

"Would you like to see the rooftop?" I asked instead of answering. What would I tell her anyway? "I think you're fantastic and a level of my type I didn't know existed, and I really want to take you to my private quarters behind on of those doors and do unspeakable things to you, but I don't date, so try not to like me"?

"I would love to!" she said. "But, I think I'm ready for another drink, and I wanna check on Cadence."

"Then, back down we go," I agreed, and offered her my arm. She took it as if we'd walked like this a thousand times, and I relished the feeling of her warm body walking so closely to mine. It felt somehow right.

Neither I nor Violet were surprised to see Cadence no longer alone when we returned to the bar floor. She now stood with Adler Ulrich. The hitman towered over her tiny form, but she didn't seem too intimidated as she laughed at something he said and took a drink of the fresh Tom Collins in her hand.

"Hey!" Violet greeted cheerily, and Cadence jumped a little in surprise.

"You're back," she noted, her deep brown eyes darting between us curiously. "How was the dance floor?"

"Oh my gosh, it was incredible," Violet told her, taking a seat on the other side of her from Adler at the bar. "You should check it out!"

"Ahaha, no," Cadence said awkwardly. "I have no coordination. It's safer if I don't."

From behind her, Adler smirked, but he watched her almost endearingly. It weirded me out to see him like that, but when we met eyes, he just shrugged, and went back to his drink.

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