Part 1- Fierro's Night Club

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Violet 2.0

I watched the purple dye run down the drain as I rinsed my freshly touched up hair clean. It was Christmas Eve, and I was alone in my dorm. My roommate Charlotte had gone home to Phoenix for the holidays, but my dad was tight on money, and my scholarships, while all inclusive, wouldn't pay for the flight back from Paris. Even so, I was happy. Lonely, maybe, and missing my little sister, Alice, but living my dream as an art student studying abroad in Europe. I could feel myself flourishing, learning, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere but here.

I hummed a little to myself as I finished up my shower and toweled off. Christmas had never really been my thing anyway, especially since my mom walked out, leaving my mess of a dad taking care of me and my sis. He'd really pulled through, stepping up as a real father and getting his life together for us. I was glad for it-- I couldn't imagine having to worry about them while I was off in another country.

Once I was dry, I threw on a fuzzy red bathrobe and curled up on my oversized bean bag chair to read. I had started some book about a girl, Valentine, trying to survive the apocalypse while struggling with allowing herself to love again. It seemed pretty good so far, and was starting to turn romantic, which was a nice escape for my single ass. I always had to option of dating around here, but I felt like that was a foolish idea, considering if I ended up falling in love, I would probably be heartbroken when I had to move back to Chicago my senior year.

Either way, when I heard the knock at my door just as Valentine was getting all steamy with her new love interest, I almost leapt out of my skin.

"Come in!" I called, tightening my bathrobe just a tad. I watched the handle turn, and then raised my eyebrows in surprise when one of my gal pals from my architecture course walked in.

"Hey!" Cadence greeted, and closed the door behind her. "I wasn't sure anyone would still be in town, but I thought I'd check around."

"I didn't think anyone was either," I admitted, standing from my bean bag chair to lean on my bunked bedframe. "Anywho, what's up?"

"I was kinda lonely," she sighed, messing with the hem of her oversized holiday sweater. "Weird not being home with family and all. I miss my dog."

I laughed and messed with my damp hair.

"It is weird," I agreed. "Even though I never loved the holidays anyway. Well, we can hang if you want! I wasn't planning on going out alone, but if you're down, I heard there's some big light show going on around some of the clubs downtown."

"I haven't been out in forever," she said with a shrug. "Paquet never seems to give us a break."

"I know, right?!" I groaned. "Well then, you wanna make a night of it? Go out, maybe get drunk, kiss some cute boys under the lights, the whole nine yards?"

"I'm not sure about that last," she told me with a blush, "but the rest sounds fun!"

"Why don't we split up to get ready, and meet at the front of the dorm in like half an hour?" I suggested, and Cadence nodded.

"Sounds great! And... thanks. I know we don't know each other super well, but you seem pretty cool."

"Pfft!" I scoffed. "That's why you think I'm cool. Trust me, once you get to know me, you'll regret saying that."

Cadence rolled her eyes but couldn't hide her goofy grin as she slipped out of my room. I made sure to lock the door behind her before dropping my bathrobe and heading to my tiny wardrobe. After reading about not lonely people, I was feeling dangerous. Not blackout drunk hookup dangerous, but maybe dancing with a stranger and making out in an alley dangerous. 6/10 on the danger scale dangerous.

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