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"[First Name]! Could you please take trash outside?"

Your mother asks as a melancholy sigh escaped your slightly chapped lips, dissappinted that she had to interrupt me when you were busy watching one of your favorite anime show. "Can't you see that I'm busy watching my favorite show here?" you complained, sunking deeper on the couch.

"And I'm busy making money for us to survive, now go [First Name]."

You huffed, silently agreed to what she said. Lazily standing up and pausing the show "I'll be back, baby." you silently said as you blew a non-existent kiss towards the TV that had your favorite anime show. you made gour way outside to get the trash holding, of course you never forgot to wear gloves, it's quite disgusting to hold it with your bare hands.

I should just throw myself outside because I'm a trashㅡ get it? No? Okay....

You silently giggled at the dark joke you made. You got the trash in your gloved hand. The cold started to nip your [Skin color] skin as the wind softly swayed your [Hair length]. Your eyes admired the soft colors of orange and blue clouds.

You smile at the sight, and you wondered why your stuck at home watching anime instead of looking at the colored skies with awe. Your eyes fell at the trash in your gloved hand, you almost forgot about since you were busy admiring the skies. You shrugged and dispose the trash on the trash can.

"[First Name]-san!"

You whipped your head and saw a certain red-head boy with a scar on the side of his forehead, waving at you with his calloused hands and a contagious beaming smile on his face. "Hello Tanjiro-kun!" You enthusiastically greeted, waving back at him with smile presented on your lips which made the red-head male blush slightly.

The red-head boy quickly went to you and engulfed you with a warm hug as my nose immediately got flooded by his coal-like scent. I took off my gloves and hugged him back, you sure do not want this pure boy to smell like trash. Unbeknownst to you, he smelled your [scent] that he always craves for.

The position stayed for a few minutes, enjoying the presence and the warmth before letting you go, though he was quite disappointed that it only lasted a few minutes. "That was unexpected Tanjiro-kun." You giggled. "I just missed you [First Name]-san." the red-head boy laughed while scratching the nape of his neck with his calloused hand.

"We just saw each other yesterday Tanjiro-kun with your little sister, Nezuko-chan!"

The red-head boy blushed as he looks away as you chuckle. "Since summer is ending, what school are you enrolling in Tanjiro-kun?" You asked, looking up at the sky again and admiring the view, you didn't notice that he was looking at you instead of the sky, he would thought that your much more prettier than any sky he saw. "Still at Ubayashiki Academy, [Name]-san" He replied, still looking at you, which made you smile "Do you know Tanjiro-kun?" The said boy shivered when he heard his name rolling off of you tongue.

"What is it? [First Name]-san?"

You stopped admiring the sky and looked at him with an exciting look on your face, which he tilt his head, confused (i am confusion), oh boy, he thinks that your up to something whenever you have an excited look on your face. You took a deep breath as you close my eyes.

"I'm transferring to Ubayashiki Academy!"

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I changed it in third or second point of view since it's actually easy than writing in first point of view. I hope you guys don't mind. And i could easily change p.o.v if i use second point of view.

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