Chapter 2

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Rina POV / ch 2
I was laughing uncontrollably when Mira started to throw pieces of the bread stick she was eating at me when a brilliant idea popped in my head. All of a sudden I yell "Food Fight!!!" And start throwing the M&M I had at the three of them.
"Hey we didn't do anything to you!" Hannah said.
"Ya Rina we didn't do anything to you" said Liz adding her two cents in.
"Two late." I replied with an evil grin.

I picked up more of the M&Ms and threw them one at a time when one of them went right past Mira's head and hit one of the guys Liz had pointed out to Mira earlier. I watched the little chocolate candy hit the poor guy in the head and I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth as the guy turned to look at me. All of my friends and the four other people he was with burst out laughing and we stare at each other. He had a very confused look on his very beautiful face, as I stared in horror. I mean this guy was like every girls dream guy or the high school player either one would work. From what I could tell he had some muscle in his arms and boy was he hot.
"Now what was that for?" He asked with a grin.
"Um. Ummm." I tried to recover but I failed.
"I haven't decided yet."

He got up out of his chair, walked around to where I sat at the table and sat next to me.
"Umm hi?"
"Hello ladies I'm Jacob and you are?" He said as he slung his arm around my shoulders. He looked each one of them up and down as I tried to push his arm off my shoulders and failed miserably. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks. Each one of us anwsered with our real names. I thought about giving him the wrong name but I knew one of my friends would call me out on it.
"It was nice meeting you but, we have to go." I said as I started to get up but he pulled me right back down.
"Doll, I having to much fun embarrassing you to leave now." His evil grin was back. I shot all three of my friends a 'please help me' look but they just laughed. What great friends I have.
I looked at him and asked "What will it take to get you to leave?"
"Hmm" he said dragging it out
"I know." He leaned over to my ear and whispered
"I'll take your number and a kiss right on the lips" he pull back and chuckled. My face had to be fire engine red. Hannah, Liz, and Mira had been laughing the whole time.
"Nooo!!" I was kinda getting mad that he thought he could get me to kiss him. My face was still getting redder but I don't know if it was anger or embarrassment. I was done with him so I got a pen and wrote down a number on a napkin and gave it to him and walked away waiting for my so called friends to catch up.

I slowed down when I heard them come up behind me .
"That was karma getting you back for making me where these slutty cloths." Mira said.
"Did you really give him your number?" Asked Hannah.
"I gave him a number. It just wasn't mine."
"Who's number was it then?" Asked Liz.
"Mira's" I said with a smirk." Karmas a bitch isn't it?" I asked her before Hannah, Liz, and I busted out laughing. She just glared at me but what's new? She will forget she was even mad in about five minutes

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