Chapter Seven

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As soon as I stepped in, I was assailed by a horribly sweet smell, and my eyes watered at the intensity of it.

I frowned, almost gagging, and placed my bag on the floor, looking around in disgust at the sloppily painted black walls and stale air. I almost ran to open the windows, in my haste to get some fresh air into the room.

‘Hey!’ A girl pulled my shoulder back just as I had reached the window, and my heart sank as I realized I had just watched my chance at fresh air disappear. ‘Who are you, and how did you get in?’

‘Oh, hi… I’m assuming I’m your new roommate, er… I was just going to open a window…’

‘No.’ she shook her head firmly, ‘I’m doing a spell, I need this perfect balance of Mugwort and Lavender.’

I only just noticed that she was clutching a couple of thick black candles in her skinny arms, and she had a small wicker basket dangling from her wrist that held jam jars filled with some kind of mystery liquid.

‘Spell?’ I scoffed, though I eyed the jar nervously.

‘Yes. It’s revision for my exam this term.’ She rolled her eyes, ‘You know how it is…’

I can’t say I do… ‘Yeah. Right, anyway, erm, could you clean up afterwards?’ I asked, crossing over to my side of the room, which was noticeably cleaner, with less herbs (or whatever they were) littering the thick white carpets.

‘Ok, sure. Erm, I’m Simona Fitch.’

‘Eve Tailor.’ I sighed. It was just my luck – at least three weird things had happened to me since moving here. Now I had a ‘witch’ in my room, stinking up the whole place and generally meaning I leave the room smelling like I've smuggled several marijuana plants and am growing them in my wardrobe.

I sank on my bed, not bothering to retrieve my suitcase, which was still lying forlornly on its side, like a beached whale, by the door. Instead, I pressed my face into the pillow in an attempt to filter out the too sweet fumes in the room.

I was surprised to find my pillow smelling like lavender and thyme. Cautiously, I slipped a hand under my pillow, and came in contact with a purple, embroidered sachet with Eve written in cursive letters. My eyebrows sprang up in surprise; I had gotten the idea that she didn't know my name.

Suddenly, a current of wind swept around the room, lifting the small sprinkles of herbs from the ground in a mini hurricane.

Simona was sitting cross legged on the carpet, surrounded by a black, tendril-like smoke, and I watched in morbid fascination as the smoke clamoured around her like living, playful kittens begging for attention. It was disturbing - hard to look away from but I dragged my eyes away from the black smoke and focused on Simona’s stiff backed posture and her closed off face in confusion.

Could she be controlling the smoke?

Then, as soon as it started, the still rampaging wind ceased, causing the things it had picked up to drop again. The black clouds sank into Simona, and she took a deep breath before opening her eyes.

The inky black of her pupils had widened noticeably, and I was slightly shaken by the utter creepiness. It looked like something out of The Grudge.

‘Gosh, that was difficult. I don’t know how I’m going to pass the meteorological manipulation exam. At this rate, I won’t even get a D!’

‘The what?’ I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

She didn't even bat an eyelid, instead started cleaning up her candles and other herbs, which had, oddly enough, fallen back into perfect little mounds around her. ‘Oh, let me guess, you’re a magic virgin?’

‘A what?’

She seemed a little embarrassed, ‘Oh, it’s just something I made up with my old friends…’ I gave her an encouraging look so she continued, ‘in my old school we made up a name for people whose families didn't use magic. I’m a little bit of a magic virgin because my family didn't do magic, but they sent me to a magical boarding school to make up for that.’

‘Oh. Right… ok.’ So far, it just got weirder and weirder.

‘Too much information?’ she asked wryly.

I shook my head earnestly, which surprised me. For a normally very outspoken cynic, I was strangely compelled to keep my disbelief quiet.

There was a moment of comfortable silence, which Simona used to continue clearing up. ‘So. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how come you haven’t heard of  magic–I’m assuming you haven’t by the odd looks you keep giving me, and I could feel your eyes on me the entire time I was practising. So, how come you haven’t heard of magic?’

I didn't know what to say to her, would she get offended if I told her magic was for three year olds?

‘I don’t know… Erm, well, my parents died recently…’

‘Oh no! I’m so sorry!’

‘Yeah, It’s ok, I miss them like mad, but, y’know, since I got adopted, my aunt didn’t really ever let me talk about them, she ‘claims’ it’s for my own good but whatever…’ There was a pause, and I could feel Simona scrambling desperately for something to fill the silence. ‘Well, I guess…. I’ll answer your question truthfully, ‘k?’

Simona nodded enthusiastically. ‘Yeah!’

I couldn't help but be a little bit alarmed at her keenness. ‘Well, here we go…’

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