10. Underhex Shade

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Underhex Shade isn't in the cult though she committed sins. She killed her adoptive mother, adoptive father and adoptive brother. She had a sister and an adoptive sister and she killed them but killed her biological sister on accident since she gone mad and done the Genocide route in Underhex. She does do spells, curses and hexes. Underhex Shade is quite similar to her Classic self but double the scars, cuts, bite marks and bruises. She looks to be bleeding to death but isn't dead, she has a Japanese accent and is fluent in all languages (welp I'm not XD). Underhex Shade is kinda known to have an anger issue but wouldn't really mean to snap at anyone and has terrible issues with her anxiety. Her powers are not the same as her Classic counterpart since she is able to levitate, phase through objects and heal but in the au she can summon shadows, clones and other spirits. Her looks are almost the same except she has a scar on both eyes, the orange stripe is actually grey, wears the black combat boots and her hair is slightly shorter making her look less like a girl. Shade's green eyes are replaced with red eyes, skin is more pale and her cuts are a lot bigger same with the scars.

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