The Lasmine Ship Has Sailed

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He purposely looks down at me and grins. "Reasons."

"Just because I'm shorter doesn't mean you'll win." I poke his chest and pick up a ball. "Besides, you're not that tall anyway."

"I'm taller than you." He smirks and I glare at him.

"Aren't you glad I'm not tall." I remark.

"Very glad." He says and I roll my eyes. "Show me what you got."

I begin shooting hoops and I missed a few, but I did pretty good. I got 21.

"Not bad." Luke remarks and I look at him. "But I'm better."

"If you win, I'll kiss you." I challenge and Luke grins.

"If? I will win." Luke declares and I chuckle.

Luke begins to shoot and he ends with 28.

"Ha! I win!" He cheers and turns to me. "May I get my prize?"

"My basketballs were malfunctioning." I complain and he playfully glares at me.

"That's what sore losers say." Luke teases and I poke his rib.

"Don't mock me." I pout and he grins.

"Sorry, Jazzy." He chuckles. "But, can I get my prize for beating you?"

I smile. "Fine."

I place my hands on his shoulders and lean up to kiss him. Luke kisses back, grabbing my waist.

This arcade wasn't terribly crowded today, so it didn't feel as awkward to kiss Luke.

I pulled away and gave him a smile.

"Happy?" I ask him.

"I think I need another to make me happy." He says and I push him away gently.

"Nice try, Freckles." I giggle and Luke playfully pouts.

"But I'm sad."

"I doubt that." I giggle. "You're with me."

"True, but another kiss will make Luke happy." He says and gives me puppy eyes. "Please."

"Okay, but only because you're cute." I smile and kiss his lips again.

I pull away moments later and Luke smiles.

"That's better."

I grab his hand and Luke leads me over to the ice cream parlor. This arcade has an ice cream parlor inside which is pretty sweet.

"Cookies and cream for the lady." Luke tells the ice cream man. "And I'll take Rocky Road."

I smile at Luke. "You know my favorite flavor?"

"Of course." Luke says as he pulls out money and pays the man. "Are you surprised?"

"I mean, you go through my stuff and I have a sister to tell you things. " I remark and Luke smiles.

"Well, both are true." I nudge his rib and he chuckles at me.

The ice cream man gave us the ice cream and Luke and I walked over to a table.

"Thanks for making today great, Luke." I admit and he grins at me.

"If anything, you made today great." Luke remarks and I blush. "You make everything great."

I gave him a soft smile and took a bite of my ice cream.

"And you know what else is great?" He leans closer and I looked at him.


"This." He pokes my nose and I chuckled when he left a piece of ice cream there.

"Luke!" I giggled and copied his attacks.

"You wanna go?" He asks, standing up and licks the ice cream off his nose.

"I wanna go." I challenge him and scoop some ice cream out of my cup. I launched it at him and he ducked, causing it to hit the wall behind him.

Luke throws some ice cream at me and I squealed, dodging it.

"If you wanna have an ice cream fight, do it outside!"

We freeze and see the owner scolding us and Luke and I rush outside.

Luke and I continue to fight with the ice cream until we are covered in ice cream and we were a mess.

Luke and I looked at each other before bursting out into laughter.

"Oh my god! What the heck!?" I laugh and swipe the ice cream off my eye. "How much ice cream can fit in these?"

"Apparently, a lot." Luke laughs and ruffles the ice cream out of his curly locks.

Luke suddenly looks at me while I'm chuckling and his face softens.

"Even with ice cream all over, you still look beautiful."

I stopped laughing and blushed. "Thanks, and you still look cute with ice cream in your hair."

Luke grins. "I always look great."

"I know." I tell him and pull out my phone, opening up the camera.

Luke caught on and stood behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulders with a cute smile.

I giggled and took the selfie. We both look adorable and I could see the blush on both our faces, despite

"Aww." I smile. "We look cute."

(Pretend it's them

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(Pretend it's them. Also, can you guess who these two cuties are in the picture? I love them so much)

"Yeah, we look cute together." Luke says and I noticed he hasn't let me go yet. I turn around and face him. "Very cute."

"I agree." I tell him. "But-"

"But, you're scared." Luke finishes and lowers his arms. I gave him a sad look and protested.

"Luke, don't be sad." I tell him and he keeps his head down. "Please don't."

"Why shouldn't I? I'm 'this' close to having the girl of my dreams, but I can't because you're scared I'll hurt you." Luke explains and my face softens, while I hold my arms close. "Jasmine, you mean everything to me and I'll do anything to call you my girlfriend."

Luke grabs my hands and gives me pleading eyes.

"Jasmine, please give me a chance."

Hearing him, I almost started to cry. I had tears in my eyes and I couldn't say no to him.

"Oh, Luke..." I wrap my arms around him and hug him close. He wraps his arms tightly around me, like he was afraid to lose me. "Yes, I'll be your girlfriend."

Luke squeezes me tighter. "Really?"

I pulled away and smiled. "Yes."

Luke wipes my tears, ignoring the melted ice cream.

"Finally." He sighs.

"Finally." I repeat and Luke pulls me in for another kiss.

Best day of my life.


Lasmine is real! Y'all welcome😊

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